Happy Birthday Xuan Yi!

The Chinese-born, Korean-singing WJSN sun goddess turns 22!


[NB: Alas, I realize now that I have to stop calling her “Xuanyi” because, unlike most K-pop stage names, hers really isn’t meant to be elided into one word.  Occasionally K-pop idols will break up their names for stylistic reasons, like Seohyun’s stage backdrop star does in that post yesterday, or a special spelling will be observed, as with Oh My Girl’s JinE; but while 宣仪’s name is hanguelized as 선의, the official Romanization is Xuan Yi and apparently I’ve been the only person calling her Xuanyi.  I’m very sorry “Sunwe”!]


But now that hopefully we are all correct on that, onward with our idol birthday!  Glorious Xuan Yi, with her vivacious visuals, evocative dance moves, and lovely voice (I can’t believe she’s classified as a “sub-vocal”), was a showstopper during WJSN’s “Secret” promotions, even with all the electrifying competition from her cohort.


Now, WJSN is busy promoting “I Wish”, a track miraculously as addictive and mood-making as its great predecessor, and Xuan Yi again is lighting up the stage with her effulgent smile and resplendent blonde tresses.  We wish her a very happy birthday, and triumphant days ahead (always!).  Xuan Yi hwaiting!


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