Dear Taraneh Alidoosti,

Your country murders fags by throwing them off of rooftops.  Also, it calls for the elimination of Israel.  That’s kinda “racist” so maybe you shouldn’t throw bricks in a glass house.

Meanwhile, America is our own nation, so here we can be as “racist” as we want to be.  And we don’t want Muslims here, so you’re not welcome anyhow.

Also, nobody knows who the fuck you are so why should you or the Jews in Hollywood and the media who are using you as some sort of cause celebre (lolz) imagine anybody in the United States actually gives a fuck what you think?

Since you don’t think Trump should be President, stay in Iran, where he isn’t.  Meanwhile, we don’t want Islam so we’re not moving into your nation.  Fair’s fair.

Tweet all the opinions from the comfort of Iran you want to (though I think you’ll be keeping most of your negative opinions about Iran to yourself), but since in America we’re free to speak our minds, I say: fuck you, fuck Hollywood, and God bless the great Donald Trump!


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