Good Little Geisha: Seohyun’s “Don’t Say No”

Ever since Black September, this blog has had about zero to say about the eight/ninths of what was left of the group we once considered The Right Hand of God.  Hard to believe, it’s already four years and counting since the sublime Girl’s Generation’s Romantic Fantasy broadcast that seemed then a sort of capstone of the glory of all K-pop.

But now, with much water under the bridge and, from the signs of things, maybe 8NSD getting ready to wrap things up, I have to say that maknae Seohyun’s debut single is actually kinda terrific.

And, more heart-tuggingly still, little Seohyun, whom I once so dearly loved and heralded an angel, before I gave up taking notice of her at all, is really, still, kind of incredibly beautiful.

Sigh.  But I don’t know how, after Jessica was fired, I could have felt otherwise.  And truly, everything SNSD did from that point on (actually, everthing starting from “Mr Mr” on) sucked.

Even now– yes, right now as I write this– it pulls on my heartstrings, all the love I had for them and all the glorious videos and music they once created.  Years have passed, and sadnesses that can’t be undone.  But still, Seohyun isn’t quite yet a little old lady, and this song and this performance is kind of wonderful.

So Seohyun, thank you for this moment.  And Donald Trump is President!  In this strange and wonderful season, even old heartaches may take a little mending, and new joys may come to us from places far off and unexpected.  May God still look after you, little Seohyun.


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  1. Glories of the flower petal machine, and all the luminous sensuality it underscores from the stage heavens!

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