Suzy Makes a Really Creepy Video

We’ve been with Suzy now for five years, and Koreans already had made her “Nation’s First Love” before I ever knew her.

She’s still quite a young woman of course, and I sometimes check in on her doings, but I can’t say I’ve been religiously following her every movement.  But on the occasion of her big solo debut (hardly the first non-miss A music project she’s done, of course, but since miss A looks to be MIA from now on, this is a big deal) it would be appaling not to check it out.

However, I’ve become so lazy these days about checking out new stuff I’m not already immediately in love with– and JYP projects, frankly, haven’t made me feel much love in a long time– that almost as soon as the video started I felt my mind looking for some frame of reference with which to make the first viewing go by more quickly.  That’s an odd thing to say, I know, but since this clearly was going to be a “narrative” video and soloists don’t usually do big dance numbers (unless it’s “three minutes of grinding” and I have problems with that to) I needed something to go on.

Now, I almost immediately– but IRONICALLY– told myself, “haha, what is this, the last night on earth of Elisa Lam?”

Which I totally reproved myself for thinking, as of course this video could have nothing to do with such a morbid subject, and I spent the next minute busily reassuring myself that such a thing could not be the case.  With each passing shot I told myself, haha, well yeah maybe if Elisa Lam died without foul play, you could imagine she might’ve gone walking down the street like that; oh yeah, if Elisa Lam had been sleepy or hungover, maybe you could imagine that– hey wait a minute, is Suzy high in this video?  Hey what the f**k, did Suzy just hallucinate an arm grabbing her from inside the basement laundry dryer?  Or wait, did that just happen?!

And all the while I’m thinking– okay, jeez JYP, you’re making kind of an irresponsible video here, I don’t know where this is supposed to be going, but it’s just stupid of me to relate all this increasingly creepy stuff to Elisa Lam, because obviously whatever’s going on here it’s not some kind of haunted hotel with dead bodies floating in the wa–

And then the song’s over, and Suzy’s washing her face in the sink.  Water.  And then, and then–

WTF just happened?  OMG what fresh horror is this video and WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!!!??


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  1. Doolan · · Reply

    Check out this compilation of her internet posts-

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