April’s Comeback on Show Champion

I hadn’t bothered getting around to this till just now– which is a gross oversight, and really I don’t know why I wouldn’t have made sure to look for it.  I’ve always been a defender of Show Champion, which really has terrific production values, and I can’t figure why lots of people denigrate it.  Yes, it’s supposed to be the B-side MBC music show, in the shadow of Show! Music Core but like I said: terrific production values.  For an also-ran broadcast, there’s really nothing I can see that’s also-ran about it.

Anyway,  April have an impressive set behind them, and Jinsol and Chaewon are in really good live form vocally.  The use of the album intro as a bit of filler in order to dance was perhaps neither here nor there, but I can understand that whittling down an album track into a one-minute time frame might’ve been a waste of time for them.

I often wake up these days with “April Story” stuck in my head, out of the melancholy and sometimes trouble of my dreams, before “I Wish” takes over later as my disco jam.  Trump’s inauguration is a staggering blessing– the first president in my adult life I can be proud of, excited to live with and to fight for.  Already we are saved from the nuclear war Hillary and the Globo-homos were pushing for, and we may shortly see prosecutions, as well as the building of the Wall and the fleeing of the countless (far more than eleven) millions of illegal alien infiltrators in our midst.  Jobs are coming home.  And by 2020, in a Whiter America, Trump may sail to a Nixon/Reagan scale landslide for his second term.  And all the while, we will fight to bring nationalism back to the hearts of Europe, to throw out the “Global South” squatters in all the lands they don’t belond in, and put an end to the fearful doubt that the civilized nations of the north must babysit the subspecies wretches of the brown lands.  No: we can fight and kill to keep them out, and we will.

Well, apologies to April for that digression, which has nothing to do with the Spring and Winter of their beautiful love song.  April hwaiting!

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