Build a Better Day: America First

It is done.  The “impossible” has been achieved.


Not “impossible”, of course.  Fifth grade: I read in Time magazine about the swaggering billionaire from New York, who wants to build the world’s tallest building and might even run for President someday.

Ninth grade: in my first competitive extemporaneous speech, I cite the possibility of billionaire Donald Trump as President.

2015: Donald Trump announces his White House bid–a “stunt”, the media assures us.  Yet Trump immediately says things– thrilling things– that desperately need to be said.

Late 2015: he could win Iowa.

Early 2016: he loses Iowa.  John (((Podhoretz))) crows.  But Trump’s not done yet.  Exuding confidence, he moves on to New Hampshire– and wins.  And wins and wins.  Rubio implodes.  Jeb is done.  The foolish Cruz and closet case Kasich fail.  Establishment types lose their minds, but Trump is the nominee!

2016 campaign: gaslighting pollsters desperately attempt predictive programming, maliciously lying that Trump is behind and doomed to lose.  A conspiracy of Deep State movers attempts to put Trump against the wall: twice in the debates the moderators unilaterally demand of Trump to agree to surrender to “the outcome of the election”, in order to assure themselves of immunity in order to proceed with ballot-stuffing with abandon.  Trump, true to his manly savvy throughout, refuses, leaving the Establishment with the threat of civil war should they attempt a coup.

Of course, many votes were cast and counted illegally anyway: California gives illegal aliens driver’s licenses, and only a driver’s license is required to cast a vote.  Real Americans chose Donald Trump though, and the Electoral College, with the accord of formerly deep blue Rustbelt states, agreed.  Shameless, the Deep State began a disinformation campaign, projecting upon their hated foe Pres. Putin the very evil that they engineered.  Nonetheless, Donald Trump is now our President Trump, and as long as he is in office we can be assured of détente and rapproachement with Russia– even more, of cordial feeling and a common cause to save Europe from Muslim invasion and to restore sanity to global affairs, and the restoration of heritage America from the ravages of “globalized” finance, Zionist warmongering, and mestizo invasion.

Let us hope and pray that whatever real crimes have been committed by the various conspirators of the Globo-homo-Zionist cabal will be exposed and prosecuted, with the death penalty for treason as healthfully needed.  Given the likely true extent of their wickedness (who can deny that Victoria Nuland, for what is publicly acknowledged to her credit, should be sentenced to death?), it is not unreasonable to suppose that if even a fraction of the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted, the cultural ramifications will be seismic across our civilization.  Homosexuality must no longer have its days of “Pride”.  Jewish monopolies must be shattered.  The Ivy League and all of academe must return to the control of White interests and, in the case of public universities, to the discretion of the state taxpayers.  The Eyes Wide Shut Satanic scourge of sex slavery and child abuse must be utterly exposed and terminated with extreme prejudice.

Compared to these evils, the good of bringing back American jobs is relatively easy, and merely as President-Elect, Trump has displayed a salutary effect.  Jobs already are coming back!  Needless to say, what all of the business, financial, and academic economics profession claimed was undoable– against the march of “progress”!– is very readily and willingly done when fair play threatens their bottom line.  Once forced to consider the rights of the nation, they find very quickly that  it’s much more profitable to play along than to “globalize”.

Many other players will likewise discover what is or is not to their advantage.  Barry Obama’s racebaiting mouth and pen are out of office.  No longer will feckless, borderline-ape negroes enjoy impunity when they attack citizens and police.  It is to be hoped that the legal apparatus of so-called “civil rights” will itself be rolled back, perhaps even dismantled, if not by direct executive action then by the rightward tilt of a fresh Supreme Court no longer composed of Talmudic, anti-White Jewish activists.

But let us, as White Americans, hold ourselves with a new pride and take back our culture.  Let us openly demand, in the name of our own ethnic interests which are the bedrock of the United States of America, the kind of schools and communities that satisfy us.  Let us demand a culture that answers to heritage European, and not Afro-Judaic, interests.  Let us maintain the complete right of discretion about who does, and who does not, enter this country.  And above all, let us Build The Wall and Ban Muslim Entrance.  No more mestizos and no more Muslims should enter America, all those who entered illegally must be deported, and of those who entered legally under the prevkious arrangements, we may take steps to sort out whether it is in our own interests to allow them to remain or no.  Let us end birthright citizenship and “anchor babies”, let us close the mosques.

And as great and true a champion as President Trump is, let us always give him room to move even a little further to the Right!

God save and protect President Trump and Vice-President Pence, give them eight years of vigorous administration, and let us reform all levels of our government in order to serve the true Constitution and the patriotic interests of heritage America.


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