Romantic K-pop: April’s “April Story” on Show! Music Core

Youtube commenter May Be writes:

And there’s also a bit kind-of-Lovelyz vibe – but it’s nothing wrong! It absolutely doesn’t mean that April made a “copy” or something like this! They just release song in the same music genre which I call Romantic K-Pop (the minor scales, emotional, filled with deep feelings tunes, great vocals).

–That’s a nice way of looking at it, something I should return to in time, considering the great canon of works like “Destiny” or Rainbow’s “Black Swan” available for such an analysis.  And April’s moody new sound certainly warrants the praise.

But at the moment, and with all respect to April’s terrific comeback, I am now so eat up with the magnificence of WJSN’s “I Wish” that minor key melancholy is the last thing on my mind!  –Well, I mean it’s on my mind, it’s on my playlist and everything, but– oh my Lord, WJSN’s comeback is just mindblowing!  It’s hard to juggle two such disparate emotional templates as offered by these two songs, but–April hwaiting!

And Jinsol’s live vocals really are fantastic.  She’s becoming such a beautiful and gifted young woman.  Such a great group!

[Update Jan 8th]  It’s rude of me to let WJSN intrude upon an April commentary like this.  I did in fact wake up with “April Story” in my head, and it’s a beautiful, sonically appropriate song for the snow on the ground.  While I have to say “I Wish” has a lock right now on being Song of the Year, “April Story” is a major artistic contribution in its own right, and we are blessed to kick off this January with two such fantastic new contributions to the K-pop canon!


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