Absolute Glory: WJSN’s “I Wish” Music Bank Comeback Stage

The new WJSN single is so breathtakingly infectious, I can only compare it with such heights of pop inspiration as Crayon Pop’s “C’mon C’mon” or Lovelyz’ “Dear You/ Heart (Handle with Care)” or A Pink’s “My My”.  With its unstoppable groove and squeally vocal raptures, this blast of sonic sunshine is as radiant as XuanYi’s hair, and it’s had me absolutely hooked since the moment it belatedly dropped (it came out in Korea the same day as “April Story”, but Starship has a deal with Naver or something which meant it wasn’t on youtube for a certain timelag) onto my screen.


In short, the new single is epic, and this Comeback Stage is a mindblowing kickoff!  OMG ChengXiao’s live vocals– is it possible to cry tears of joy?  YES!

A man’s got to have his enthusiasms, but I declare: it’s like this is the most perfect pop single ever!  The song is flawless.  This stage is flawless.  The choreo is flawless.  The costumes are flawless.  These sweet thirteen, how can I blazon forth your perfections my loves? This is an epiphany of Heaven!


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