OMG What is this skirt Irene is wearing?!? (with a bonus screed on Red Velvet’s fans)

My late-blooming crush on Red Velvet’s Irene just got lustier thanks to that hilariously/sexily ridiculous/chic leather skirt she’s jamming in:

omg it’s like retro-rave/prep fusion.  This is awesome!

At youtube, Red Velvet fans get into a deep discussion about what they do and don’t like about this performance (they hate the outfits, I think we can say), about the song, and about Red Velvet’s entire output thus far and their future.  It’s intriguing that they’re an articulate bunch who aren’t just saying uncritically lovelorn things or getting into a flame war, yet the whole conversation, for all its articulateness and general politeness and intelligent thoroughness, is sort of depressing in a pseudo-smart hipster way.

Like, they’re fault-finding with “Russian Roulette” (and I agree) but also they’re agonizing like accountants over how Red Velvet supposedly isn’t successful enough, which is news to me considering how many trophies they won for “Ice Cream Cake” and “One of These Nights” and, I’m sure, for “Dumb Dumb”.  Actually, I’m not sure what “Russian Roulette” won but it’s largely academic since it sold better than any sub-GFriend/Twice/one other group single of the year [Update: It won Inkigayo and twice on M! Countdown, so there you go!]

There’s also a lot of odd talk about how “Russian Roulette” isn’t “experimental” enough, which is really weird to me considering it’s a song called RUSSIAN ROULETTE (yes, I know, Spica did a song way back called that too; but hey, Spica don’t sell) and how the music video basically consists of about a hundred acts of cartoon murder.  I don’t like “edgy” (not for edginess’ sake at least), but how is that not edgy?  I mean how is that not quirky and ‘funky’ and ‘unique’?  As compared to what, exactly?  I don’t know what these people want.

And don’t get me started on “One Of These Nights”, the song so lovely that I’ve heard it in dreams and wept, and whose music video is the best of 2017.  THESE PEOPLE DON’T SEEM TO LIKE “ONE OF THESE NIGHTS”.  Or at least some of them don’t, and that’s just crazy talk.

So even though Red Velvet is vastly superior to f(X), it seems like they’re inherited the kind of fandom f(X) probably had, which is to say a bunch of Canadian Asian English major hipster chicks who probably want K-pop to turn into freaking L*d* G*g*.  Who, btw, was playing nonstop this afternoon in Barnes & Noble– did she put out a Greatest Hits or something?

And finally: these commenters have that SM Ent corporate worship going on, because a lot of them are waving their hands and telling people to chill because “SM knows what to do!  They won’t blow this opportunity!  They’ve got big things in store for Red Velvet in 2017”  Well gee, they’ve basically had the best music video of the year for the three past years straight (even if, technically, I didn’t reward them– but “Happiness” and “Automatic” obviously are at the very top of the artform, and none of the others are shabby either).  Since when has Red Velvet NOT done big things?  Or is it that you’ll only be satisfied once Red Velvet becomes as big as SNSD?  Because that’s not going to happen!  Remember, quirky.  You can’t have everything.  Let’s love and cherish Red Velvet for the many things they do so very well–and not pretend to sell them out to be something else.


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