Youngji, Princess-in-exile of KARA (is DSP Media teasing a reunion?)

I was up late, rereading Othello by the fortified lamplight (got new incandescent bulbs– now get all these damn halogens and LEDs out of the stores just like those damn mercury grenade flourescents!), so I woke up late and, checking soompi, saw that suddenly not one but two much-anticipated comeback videos, from WJSN and April, have dropped!

But soompi seems to be ahead of youtube’s curve, because I can’t find either of them at the respective official channels.  So I guess we’ll watch and wait!

But in the meantime: I checked out DSPMedia’s Christmas greetings video, and there was something interesting.  Yes, first April (so pretty!) with the two new members I will shortly need to sort out.  But then Chaewon tosses the duck chicken over to K.A.R.D.’s Somin, which is a bit nostalgic considering they used to be bandmates and Somin handed off the leadership to Chaewon.  And yes, I checked out their video when it came out, and Youngji is along for the ride on the debut, but I need to go back and rewatch it before I comment specifically on that.

Anyhoo, then Somin tosses off the duck to Youngji, who beat Somin and Chaewon and the other Ch-new girl in April, and Somin’s dead BFF, for the role of joining KARA, but now KARA is gone-ish, yet not disbanded, and so there’s Youngji all by herself, with the instrumental version of the ballad track from the In Love album playing in the background.  A commenter writes below:

It’s kinda sad seeing Youngji by herself. Is it possible for Gyuri, Hara, and Seungyeon to return to the group, despite being considered former members of KARA? I feel like crying. TT But what would be ideal though if the three members would come back as OT4 KARA, then Jiyoung and Nicole would appear midway in the music video and on their comeback stage performance unannounced? THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE SHOCK AND PHENOMENON OF KPOP HISTORY! After all, this is just all ideal. At least what I think it is.

Sigh.  Yes, the KARA reunion.  Now the Holy Grail of K-pop.  And poor Youngji, a Rapunzel languishing alone in her tower, waiting for the princesses of pop to ride back, free her from her waking dream, and lavish the countryside with the thrill of song, once more!


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