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If We’re Being Honest, the new Red Velvet song “Rookie” kinda sucks–and a lot of people have noticed (PS: in hindsight, I should’ve seen this coming when the teaser bragged that this was “produced by The Colleagues”. WTF are The Colleagues? When a song brags on some producers no one’s ever heard of, it’s probably gonna suck. Fire the flippin’ The Colleagues Right Now!!!)

You know it’s bad when the fans at the comments under the official video keep asking, “Am I the only one who likes this song?” But others aren’t going to sugarcoat.  Well, okay, Vanessa Kay tries to sugarcoat: I like Red Velvet, but surprisingly, the song is……. well, um……. you know……. lemme just sugar coat…. […]

Jin, When She Had Hair

Why is it so hard, once an idol’s hair is cut, to remember how they looked with hair? I mean, Jin is still beautiful with short hair– GFriend’s Eunha too.  Still, when one goes back and looks on it, one sees long hair . . . . Jin is especially fetching when flouncing in her […]

Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Me Kek

Cute, creative, and timely!

Reign of T-error

[Ed.:  Well this entry in the drafts folder is over four years old, as you can see, and actually seems to be a complete text (wonder if the links still work though?).  Probably I didn’t publish it because it was a wee bit questioning Hwayoung’s character, but I don’t think it said anything too intemperate […]

Rainbow’s “Pretend” (on the radio)

[Ed. note: I just found this in my drafts drawer from five months ago.  I’m not sure what thought I was about to finish before I didn’t finish it, but since the videos are here I’ll just go and publish it now anyway!  I happened of my own accord to watch this “Pretend” performance on […]

Will President Trump Abolish the H1-B Visa Program Today?

Rumors are flying.  Fingers crossed.  So exciting! Do it, Mr. President!

DHS Responds to Judge Iluvtablowjihadidick

 The Department of Homeland Security will continue to enforce all of President Trump’s Executive Orders in a manner that ensures the safety and security of the American people. President Trump’s Executive Orders remain in place—prohibited travel will remain prohibited, and the U.S. government retains its right to revoke visas at any time if required for […]

President Trump: “Today, we remember the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, 31 years later. #NeverForget”

Just mesmerizing!  What an ingenious, audacious troll! Now: let’s destroy this illegal “Federal Judge”‘s “temporary halt” on our glorious Muslim ban! Continue the carnage!  Break Jewish influence, and deIslamify America and all the West!

Rococo Disco Wordsworth

Stolen moments of joy with “Windy Day”: Choreo of the year– and costumes equally worthy.  May 2017 bring further major helpings of 8h My Girl!

An Open Letter to Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger

After watching the latest broadcast of the PBS Newshour, I’ve been stewing in some fury to see Illinois Republican Cong. Adam Kinzinger telling the cameras that– can you believe this– we still need so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” and “a path to legalization.”  Some people, it seems, never learn.  So I’ve actually sat down with a […]

Oh My Girl’s “I Found Love”: The Trump Remix

Oh My Girl’s Pink Ocean/Windy Day  hyperventilating album track “I Found Love” is such a highlight, I determined I should provide a lyrical remix for the edification of the Alt Right! The first 7 days roll on, so let’s rock!!!   Last year, My spirits sank with great fear Media sneered it was so clear […]

Dear Taraneh Alidoosti,

Your country murders fags by throwing them off of rooftops.  Also, it calls for the elimination of Israel.  That’s kinda “racist” so maybe you shouldn’t throw bricks in a glass house. Meanwhile, America is our own nation, so here we can be as “racist” as we want to be.  And we don’t want Muslims here, […]

Happy Birthday Xuan Yi!

The Chinese-born, Korean-singing WJSN sun goddess turns 22! [NB: Alas, I realize now that I have to stop calling her “Xuanyi” because, unlike most K-pop stage names, hers really isn’t meant to be elided into one word.  Occasionally K-pop idols will break up their names for stylistic reasons, like Seohyun’s stage backdrop star does in […]

Happy Birthday Seunghee!

Oh My Girl’s main vocal turns twenty-one!   Bratty yet womanly, Seunghee and her mates had a very busy 2016–and we wish her a happy birthday (at this late hour, alas, already well over in Korea), and a great 2017 in a Korea and a world freed from the shadow of occultic conspiratorial rulers! Plus, today […]

Was f(X)’s “Red Light” about the Sewol ferry disaster? (with notes on “One of these nights” THE THEORY)

There’s a new Red Velvet single on its way– which already is cause to blog excitement, since after “Russian Roulette” I feared Red Velvet was already due to enter that oh so boring “one new record per year” phase of a K-pop group’s career trajectory (after all, I figured Lovelyz was going to give us […]

Good Little Geisha: Seohyun’s “Don’t Say No”

Ever since Black September, this blog has had about zero to say about the eight/ninths of what was left of the group we once considered The Right Hand of God.  Hard to believe, it’s already four years and counting since the sublime Girl’s Generation’s Romantic Fantasy broadcast that seemed then a sort of capstone of […]

President Trump Kills TPP

Many nations and peoples should praise their release from this threatened bondage to Zio-globalist evil. Plus: federal hiring freeze! And: Ford Motors extoling the virtues of building plants in America. And: President Trump telling union leaders he’ll stick tariffs on all the companies who quit America. What a beautiful day.  Go Trump!

Suzy Makes a Really Creepy Video

We’ve been with Suzy now for five years, and Koreans already had made her “Nation’s First Love” before I ever knew her. She’s still quite a young woman of course, and I sometimes check in on her doings, but I can’t say I’ve been religiously following her every movement.  But on the occasion of her […]

April’s Comeback on Show Champion

I hadn’t bothered getting around to this till just now– which is a gross oversight, and really I don’t know why I wouldn’t have made sure to look for it.  I’ve always been a defender of Show Champion, which really has terrific production values, and I can’t figure why lots of people denigrate it.  Yes, […]

Style Nanda Tall Treaded Lace-Up Boots: A Photo-essay

    Oh Lucius, Lucius . . .  I’ve been a bad girl again. Smoking cigarettes and listening to miss A’s Hush album– and thinking about you. You know, a lot maybe . . . Charlotte’s just leaving.  You don’t really think she’s funkier than me, do you? Plus, I think my bum is prettier.  […]

Build a Better Day: America First

It is done.  The “impossible” has been achieved. Not “impossible”, of course.  Fifth grade: I read in Time magazine about the swaggering billionaire from New York, who wants to build the world’s tallest building and might even run for President someday. Ninth grade: in my first competitive extemporaneous speech, I cite the possibility of billionaire […]

Happy Birthday Jiyoung!

The classic Kara maknae turns– hard to believe it’s only– twenty-three! Wow.  And her last Korean comeback with the group was in fall 2013, when already she had a vast catalog of Kara hits to her credit. Happy birthday, legendary Jiyoung, and all blessings for you acting career and all your other ambitions!  And if […]

Laboum’s Rococo Fairytale

The girls on Show Champion:   with vernal bustiers and a lavender chapel of LCD illumination.

Happy Birthday GFriend! Happy Birthday Roman Empire!

Asia and Europe honor the anniversary of their highest creations– GFriend turns 2 and the Roman Principate turns, er, 2,044!   We love you, Augustus and GFriend!  We love you, Europe and Asia! But we contemn knee gros.  To hell with the “civil rights” movement and fat face!

Chaewon: Expressive Nodding

In the “April Story” video the expressive nodding closeup goes to Rachel, but in the Inkigayo Comeback Stage it’s Chaewon’s time to shine in an extending moment of intimate melancholy with the camera, at 1:22. Bounce, bounce so expressively!  While my money is still on Naeun becoming the breakout acting star, Chaewon always does great […]

WJSN: “I Wish” Comeback Stages

The sublimity of WJSN’s 3rd single, unleashed upon last weekend’s music shows! We’ve meant a million times to honor a hot new single in this fashion (alas, poor “Destiny”, dear “Only One”!), but superrookies WJSN richly deserve this with the utter loveability and insane infectiousness of their new masterwork. M! Countdown with hives of purple […]

Christmas Greetings from A Pink

I did see them in a timely manner, back in the Yuletide season, but it’s a shame not to commemorate them here.  Happy New Year, A Pink, and may 2017 win you some Inkigayo trophies!   Poor Namjoo looks like she has a toothache.  Be well Namjoo!   Blessings and glory to A Pink, and […]

‘I love the “These are my boobs” dance move.’

–says viewer Joong Hyuk, and who are we to argue? Actually, I’d been meaning to say something along the same lines myself for the past year, so by all means now that we’ve seen him say it, let’s give him credit and post this iteration of Dal Shabet’s boob rotations from Inkigayo. Now, if only […]

Happy Birthday Yeoreum!

WJSN’s Yeoreum was still seventeen for all the glorious Comeback Stages for phenomenal new single “I Wish”, but today she turns sweet eighteen! So gloriously cute and aegyo, it’s hard to believe she has two bandmates even younger than herself, but oh well!   Yeoreum’s ladylike aegyo is so dolllike and delightful! Happy Birthday Yeoreum, […]

The Sophoclean Severity of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 24

2016 Ballad of the Year

2016 Album of the Year


Romantic K-pop: April’s “April Story” on Show! Music Core

Youtube commenter May Be writes: And there’s also a bit kind-of-Lovelyz vibe – but it’s nothing wrong! It absolutely doesn’t mean that April made a “copy” or something like this! They just release song in the same music genre which I call Romantic K-Pop (the minor scales, emotional, filled with deep feelings tunes, great vocals). […]

Absolute Glory: WJSN’s “I Wish” Music Bank Comeback Stage

The new WJSN single is so breathtakingly infectious, I can only compare it with such heights of pop inspiration as Crayon Pop’s “C’mon C’mon” or Lovelyz’ “Dear You/ Heart (Handle with Care)” or A Pink’s “My My”.  With its unstoppable groove and squeally vocal raptures, this blast of sonic sunshine is as radiant as XuanYi’s […]

2016 Music Video of the Year

An April/GFriend mash-up

I know there’s supposed to be an “art form” to this, and I don’t know whether this person has passed the hurdles the cognoscenti of that pursuit would set, but I’ll just post it here since I watched it and I was amused:

A Pink Presents “Cause You’re My Star” on Inkigayo

A Pink brings their Special Album’s single for a dreamy special stage on Inkigayo, highlighting the same sophisticated co-ed schoolgirl charm they presented with “Only One”: Our eldest Chorong looks so fetching in her fuzzy beret!  There are of course some displays of a Holiday humor, particularly from Eunji, but at the same time this […]

The Seth Rich Murder and Wikileaks

OMG What is this skirt Irene is wearing?!? (with a bonus screed on Red Velvet’s fans)

My late-blooming crush on Red Velvet’s Irene just got lustier thanks to that hilariously/sexily ridiculous/chic leather skirt she’s jamming in: omg it’s like retro-rave/prep fusion.  This is awesome! At youtube, Red Velvet fans get into a deep discussion about what they do and don’t like about this performance (they hate the outfits, I think we […]

Because It’s Still Christmas!