2017 in K-Pop

Compiling the releases of note (by my ruthlessly enlightened standards) throughout the calendar year: masterpieces plus perhaps the occasional oddity of worth.

A Pink, “Cause You’re My Star”

WJSN, “I Wish”

April, “April Story”

Seohyun, “Don’t Say No”

AOA, “Excuse Me”

Lovelyz, “Wow”

Gugudan, “A Girl Like Me”

GFriend, “Fingertip”

LOOΠΔ 1/3, “Love&Live”


Oh My Girl, “Coloring Book”


Laboum, “Hwi Hwi”


LOOΠΔ 1/3, “Sonatine”

Lovelyz, “Now, We”


Chung Ha, “Why Don’t You Know?”


WJSN, “Happy”