My Heart Is Heavy for a Music World Without Hyunjoo

Sigh.  Hyunjoo, you were like the Sujeong of April.  That oh-so-clever manner of yours, that uniquely raspy voice.  But you were also the Mijoo, full of mischief–though where Mijoo is directly confrontational, excitedly contradicting her bandmates’ presumed pretentions and anticipating their mischiefs, you were sardonic and sly and insinuating.  Ah, Hyunjoo, I must say, even in the goddess-crowded world of K-pop, you are something like a fantasy girlfriend: a man like me would love a girl of quiet mysteries such as you.

And now, alas, you have left April, and the whole world of music.  How can it be that, after “Dream Candy” and “Luv Me x3” and “Muah” and “Snowman” and “Tinkerbell” and “Open Your Eyes”, there will be no more songs with you?  What, none?  But you are to go into acting, they say– and maybe you will be the next Kim Saeron!  Maybe there will be some twenty-hour epic like Hi School!: Love On for me to fall into you, in a way perhaps that never would have happened had you not left April.  And yet, I will have to replay Dreaming over and over, and think of that dancing, winking girl who will sing for us no more.  Sigh.  Hyunjoo, I miss you!


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