December 31st musings, and 2017 Hopes

I finally got back to A Pink’s Pink Summer concert and watched the whole thing: a properly rewarding and emotionally moving experience (plus it’s given me an idea for the Inaugural Ode I need to write).  I put off watching the whole thing far too long!

As a chaser, I’m nostalgically checking out the best K-pop of this time last year, such as Lovelyz’ “For You”, here on Music Bank with Jin in one of her Jin Tops I love to catalog (but probably have failed to do so exhaustively).


I guess finally devouring the eighth and final episode of Lovelyz in Wonderland will have to wait for calendar year 2017, but keep in mind that whoever made the uploads somehow wound up with the final episode looking noticeably less high def than the previous seven, which is what always distracted me from finishing it.

Seeing as how my aesthetic life is so wound up in Korean girls of their early twenties and late teens, there’s increasingly a lot of mental silliness fretting about how little time Naeun has left as a twenty-two year old and so forth, but as a Christian, Platonist, and Confucian I need to suppress that noise and enjoy the extraordinary times we are blessed to be living in.

I’m sorry Lovelyz didn’t get around to releasing another album in late 2016, but I feel certain a new one can’t be far away, and there are rumors of A Pink slotting two comebacks for 2017 (on top of the two Korean albums and new Japanese album we’ve just received!).  Laboum is more successful than ever, and unless something really messed up we should expect more great music to accompany their popular ascent.  T-ara is debarred from China, what with that ban on K-pop there, but here’s hoping at least one more masterwork is in store.  Oh My Girl’s JinE is sadly missing, but perhaps she will return after all, so that we can enjoy further greatness from that beloved cadre as well.  And GFriend, we cannot doubt, will continue to awe and amaze.

Beyond the world of music, 2016 witnessed the amazing triumph of Donald Trump and his supposedly impossible ascent to the White House.  With 2017, all the excitement of his liberating rhetoric will pass on into an even more transcendent plane: the level of results.  We will build The Wall.  We will forbid Muslim immigration.  We will crack the Clinton Foundation case, and possibly expose a shocking web of evil so foul that its discovery will revolutionize modern society, showing occultic Jews and their Masonic fellow-travelers as the embodiment of evil.  The National Geographic tranny-pedo Fifth Element cover will be exposed and destroyed for the Satanic evil that it is, and much of what “modern society” has taken for granted in recent decades will be shamed into silence and shame as was the lobotomy craze.

This pair of years, 2016 and 2017, must prove decisive in determining the fate of Western Civilization.  God protect our hero, Donald Trump, and guide his hand providentially to achieve all the great and difficult labors that must be performed to establish a moral and just republic in America again.  God protect President Putin, the righteous leader of Russia, and help him keep his people secure against the globalist conspirators who wish to destroy them.  God save and bless the peoples of Europe, and let them drive out all Muslims, Arabs, Africans, and the unreliable Jews from their midst.  God bless China and Japan and Korea, and all the prudent peoples of Asia, and keep them out of the clutches of Muslims, Jews, blacks, and other foreign filth who would pollute their societies.

God bless all our familiars of the Alt-Right, famous and locally famous, and keep the trolls at bay!  Bring Mickey Kaus and Camille Paglia ever closer to our ranks, and let us ever dig deeper to uproot the corruption at work in Western society.  God save FBIAnon, Snowden, Assange, and all the whistleblowers, whatever their politics may be, who work to keep our elections fair and our governments law-abiding.

And may God bless all my beloved muses of K-pop, my darling A Pink, Lovelyz, Laboum, T-ara, GFriend, Oh My Girl, WJSN, Dal Shabet, and all the other great and familiar names who haunt these pages, including those disbanded (sniff, Rainbow and 4Minute) and the girls who have retired.  My darling girls, as long as I live, may I honor your names and cherish your songs!  For all the good and great and just and beautiful, let us be safe and prosper, and may our souls be virtuous and precious to God.  Lord thank you for 2016– and now, 2017 hwaiting!


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