Hey, Ridley Scott! FUCK YOU!!!

Boy, you were hot shit when your filmography was confined to The Duellists and Alien and Blade Runner, weren’t you?  You probably woke up every morning, looked at yourself in the mirror, and said, “Who’s the next Stanley Kubrick?  Who’s the next David Lean?  YOU ARE!!!”

Well, it’s about twenty or thirty piece of shit movies too late for that, but it’s never too late to go full retard and become the next George Lucas, now is it?

What in the name of God is this fanfic bullshit calling itself a Ridley Scott Alien movie.  What the hell happened to you, man?  What is wrong with you?

Aren’t you about eighty fucking years old now anyway?  Why the hell couldn’t you have some decency and just quit?

Dumbass, even ripping off Blade Runner for this piece of shit too.  And what is this fucking in the shower bullshit, your homage to Nymphomaniac?  Stupid old perv.

At least when Jean-Pierre Jeunet made that piece of shit Alien:Resurrection he kinda knew he was making an intentional piece of shit– or at the very very least it was a piece of shit that was so repulsively silly nobody would pretend to take it seriously as canon.

Not that anybody’s gonna take your ridiculous new piece of shit seriously as canon either.  Fuck your Alien sequels.  Fuck the whole damn thing!  There was only ever Alien and Aliens, just now you’ve gone and made a damned fool of yourself too so nobody will ever treat your 1979 masterpiece as anything more than a lucky break.

Hell, maybe John Carpenter was right all along: did the set designer direct that movie?

Because Prometheus and now especially especially this piece of shit is just a steaming pile of motherfucking bullshit!


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