Seungyeon Took a Great Fall

Wt have Christmas Greetings from A Pink and a Christmas Music Core special we should start posting, but I can’t leave off committing to the archives this Kara “Lupin” performance (even if I can’t remember how I got to it in the first place!) in which poor Seungyeon takes an epic fall on stage:


You would think this would be a legendary performance, but while the view count is substantial, it’s not out of keeping with what would expect simply for “Lupin” being an archival big hit.  But really this is at a viral level of mad, unforeseen calamity– but Seungyeon handles it like a pro.

It would be mindscrambling if Kara reunites with Jiyoung and Youngji on the same stage, btw.  The awesomeness would be boggling– but with Donald Trump coming to the White House, all things will be possible!

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