Laboum, Unfrozen!

Next to Donald Trump’s triumphant nomination and victory in the election, no 2016 phenomenon gives us quite so much joy as the rise of Laboum, as evidenced by this resplendently wintry, shimmery, and snowy stage from Show! Music Core for “Winter Story”:

From “Aalow Aalow” to this, Laboum has made a terrific year-long campaign for success, and they’ve left behind a great pop music legacy and scores of terrific stages in the process.  From the meagerest nugu-dom, Laboum has come a long way: and may 2017 for Laboum, as for Trump, reveal successes yet undreamed of!

Lolzozlz and to think, they used to tease and compare Soyeon to Olaf!



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