“A nation is not a number”

An anon who may or may not be Andrea Ostrov Letania writes over at Derbyshire’s new column:

I mean a nation is not a number. Japan is Japan with 100 million Japanese, 70 million Japanese, 50 million Japanese, 25 million Japanese. As long as they are all Japanese, it is Japan.
But if we define Japan by the magic number of 100 million, then Japan would be Japan if it were 75 million non-Japanese and 25 million Japanese. But that’s crazy.


–Andrea writes many brilliant things, and occasionally some infuriating ones, but looking at an earlier Andrea comment in the same thread, where she picks up an infuriating theme but treats it in a sensible fashion, I think she took the less provocative route and reminded her readers that there’s a way out of the current insanity: stop being a pussy.

Regardless of the author, this quote is correct.  Population decline does not have to be a catastrophe for a civilized nation.  Yes, a bunch of seniors is economically and emotionally draining, but the Japanese will take care of them or, if it comes to that, put them on the ice floe.  Sacrifices should be made for the sake of Japan– and that means keeping Japan Japanese, always.

The United States of America, in all its Walt Whitman ragged ‘can’t we all just get along’ freakishness, has always been more of an empire than a nation.  It is time for America to spurn empire and learn to become more of a true nation–namely, more White.  And it is absolutely right for all other nations to discard the American example and be true nations instead of economic development zones/welfare clubs.

As to Derbyshire, I do think his OP was being a bit pussyfied.  Let’s be frank: it’s hard to feel that “sorry” for the “folks” born in the Sub-Saharan world.  How much of a concept of pity, even self-pity, does someone with a 75 IQ even possess?  If we stopped telling them there was a world beyond their village’s horizon, why on earth would they care about leaving?  They literally are so dumb, “suffering” itself does not have the same meaning for them as it does for civilized peoples.

And again: there is absolutely no practical impediment to stopping “refugees” now and forever.  How many rounds of 76mm ammo does it take to sink a refugee “boat”?  Nazi Germany had hundreds of thousands of men who were, beyond regular combat experience, coldblooded killers.  It would take far fewer men, innured to the troubles of taking violent but necessary action (and mostly at the distance of launching missiles or firing long-range ammo), to fill the naval and air positions necessary to sink all “refugee” boats, mine the harbors that launch them, and bomb the routes refugees take going north.  It is easily doable, and should be done.  I would order it done in a heartbeat.  Completely de-brown all Europe: remove all blacks, Arabs, Persians, Turks, half-breeds, and of course send home the Jews.



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