“A sure sign of gibberish is when someone who ISN’T a philosophy major starts numbering points for extended argument.”

–observes commenter wreckage over at Vox Popoli where, by virtue of having crossread Vox and Heartiste the other day, I happened to be fortunately positioned to report on the wanderings of commenter “Wild Man”, and wound up with a marquee quote at both of Vox’s blogs.



In brief: one “Wild Man” started gumming up the comments at Vox Popoli with gibberish about the “existential ontology of equality”, all basically in the service of some sort of attempt (in this commenter’s mind) to “out” Vox Day as a “White supreemiss” instead of a virtuous cuck of the sort of conservatard Enlightenment egalitarianism Wild Man purports to champion.  Wild Man, as many have noted, writes in the incomprehensible gibberish style “black intellectuals” are wont to (somehow in his confused mind Darwinism of all things is a buttress to egalitarianism–at the end of the day, Wild Man’s argument seems to boil down to, ‘don’t we all drag out booty shorts on one leg at a time?’).

But of course, Wild Man simply refused to allow any explanation to penetrate his consciousness and just wrote on and on, with an increasingly and unintelligibly bellicose bitterness which reeks of the Tragic Mulatto and of course of the Gamma Secret King.  Vox finally banned him, whereupon he resorted to no less an esteemed haunt than le Chateau de Heartiste seeking solace– an act which, as Vox wryly notes, was not well calculated for achieving the consolation Wild Man wildly sought!

In any event, happening to be checking the thread there I decided to give Wild Man a brief notice that he was not unrecognized there (and Lord knows we have enough trolls in residence there already; assuming Wild Man isn’t a paid operative or completely insane– and I know: these are very unsafe assumptions!–I thought it would do well to put him on notice that his BS was recognized); and, having done so, resorted back to the Vox Popoli thread to give notice of Wild Man’s hegira.

And so, as it turns out, Vox was sufficiently amused to supply both his blogs with an update on the situation, and yours truly’s brief put-down became part of the record.  It was a fun treat to wake up to!  And now, if only we can bullycide the hasbara team at Heartiste into taking a permanent vacation into more respectable employment . . . .




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