How the CIA and DHS Aided the Globo-Zionist Pedophile Cabal, and the FBI and Trump Fought Back and Won commenter womb raider spells it out:

You guys ready for some TOG level s**t?

So check this out.

So back in August we started seeing headlines like this:…poll/index.html


Poll: Clinton leads Trump in red state Georgia



Can Hillary Clinton really win in Georgia?

Shortly after the AJC poll was released, Clinton’s campaign made it known that it was putting additional money and manpower into the state. The campaign sent Tracey Lewis, an alum of Michelle Nunn’s 2014 campaign, to run efforts there; according to the Associated Press, the initial investment in the state is six figures.

https://www.national…arizona-georgia (((paywall)))

Should Clinton Play to Win in Arizona and Georgia?



Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia

OK so there was some major narrative building in the early-mid parts of August even into the end of August right.

AJC the same news paper that ran the poll putting Clinton like +6 in GA puts out an article about how the voting process in GA isn’t perfect BUT don’t worry everything is going to be OK because we’ve got checks and balances etc. It starts out criticizing Trump for saying it was going to be rigged and then goes and explains away how it’s impossible right. This is in September.…TMxdeBOwjHlkZP/

This explanation was put out after the FBI made an announcement in late August (after all the narrative building) that they had found evidence that two states voter databases had been hacked.




The Homeland Security Department has stepped up its outreach to states and localities, but it is up to them to ask for help. So far, 21 states have expressed interest in a general “cyber hygiene” scan of key websites — akin to ensuring that windows in a home are properly closed, according to another Homeland Security official directly involved in securing local elections who also was not authorized to speak publicly about ongoing efforts.

Typical liberal operation, create the problem then offer the solution.

GA didn’t take the feds up on it because they already had their suspicions that DHS was running a false flag.


Georgia was one of two states that did not accept federal help to secure its election-related systems, after the FBI’s cyber division warned states in August that it was investigating hacking-related incidents related to elections data systems in two states — believed to be Arizona and Illinois.

The list grew to many more states that said f**k you. Almost all of which Trump won handily.


Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

To turn any of those states blue via hacking would have been f**king dumb. Also to turn any of them red (with the exception of NH) would have also been f**king dumb.

But it gets better. Michigan was one of the ones that refused the “help” from the DHS.

GA refused help but it was being targeted for a “flip” by DHS, Obama, CIA, Democrats – whomever was pulling the strings.

When GA refused help suddenly the polling numbers went right back to Trump.

It turns out, in August when all the other states were being targeted and the narrative was being built that Trump could lose GA … GA noticed something curious, that an IP address at DHS was trying to break through their firewall.…Hww8C9dcHlF1PP/

It appears that DHS was attempting to rig the election in conjunction with the (((media))) AJC but when they got caught by the FBI the narrative dried up.

Notice now how a “rouge” faction of the FBI is being charged with trying to assist Trump to win the election.

Fresh off the pile of s**t that is HuffBlo:



Bigger Than Watergate? Legitimate Concerns That Anti-Clinton Faction Within FBI May Have Conspired To Hand Election To Trump

We may actually be witnessing an internal power struggle within the US Government.

Won’t it be great in 20 years when this is all declassified?

CIA in cahoots with the media trying to rig a domestic election, Comey just trying to keep his job to minimize the damage and rogue patriots leaking DNC damaging stuff out of patriotism.

A miracle on ice election night.

The eventual investigation after all the inauguration dramatics. The eventual downfall of the MSM birth of the new media. The high water mark for SJWism (2015) far and vast reaching conspiracies coming to light … and being pursued.

We’re on the verge of a rebirth if I’ve ever read to tell about one.

(((Hollywood))) is going to make a shitty movie about this one day.

You know why they want to stop Trump so bad from actually taking office?

He’s an existential threat to them and their way of life. Has nothing to do with politics. One day Paul Ryan is going to be asked “what did you know and when did you know it” about all the corruption and pedophilia rampant in DC. He might not have engaged in it but everyone certainly knows about it.

He’s going to investigate the voter fraud in CA and find out how many illegals voted. He’s going to investigate the CIA leaks and find out who was trying to push the Russian narrative. He’s going to investigate Detroit and find out why there were 37% more votes than tallied on logs.

He’s going to have ALL of the things they tried to do to stop him investigated and when it comes out there was such a massive assault on so many fronts and he still won we’ll know DAMN well for certain that HE WON BY A LANDSLIDE. They just couldn’t even fake enough votes to keep him from office.


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