A Pink’s “Cause You’re My Star” MV Review

A Pink’s special holiday single launches with an Easter Egg-hued video full of cute thrills:

With a sound that makes it an appropriate companion piece to “Only One”, “Cause You’re My Star” doesn’t go for the soaring melodicism that typifies classic A Pink singles but nonetheless weaves a sweetly dulcet spell– with the glaring possible exception of that hip-hop breakdown after the first chorus which, if it doesn’t necessarily ruin things, certainly is unnecessary enough to qualify as a big WTH kind of moment.  Nonetheless, “Cause You’re My Star” has an appealing danceiness about it that somehow recalls their Seven Springs of A Pink/”Let Us Just Love” synthpop phase while remaining true to the mellow r&b sound Pink Revolution has staked out for them at present.

It’s set in further relieve by the amazingly pretty vocal breakdown later in the song.  A Pink hasn’t actually released a single free of melancholy since “Mr Chu”, so this song’s quiet intimacy conveys a certain intensity of emotion that reflects some of the wistfulness this season can carry.  But the visuals, with A Pink combining pure girlie cuteness under the Christmas tree with politely alluring schoolgirl co-ed maturity, make the video enticing eye candy, with Bomi and Naeun playing to the camera with as much dolllike luminosity as they’ve ever assembled.  Plus, Hayoungipoo has a stuffed bunny!

All in all, this video is proof that A Pink retains all its fairy idol appeal, with an intelligent cuteness true to form and merrily undimmed.  Merry Christmas, Pink Pandas!  A Pink hwaiting!



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