A Pink’s “Luv”, Less than a Year Ago

Last year A Pink returned “Luv” to the stage at Show! Music Core, a year after its skyhigh ride on the charts.

I watched this performance when it aired, and back then I was a tad weirded by the Old West tops with leather bottoms costuming– it didn’t altogether scream “Christmas” like all their elegant wintry outfits from the song’s heyday promotions.

But, almost a year later, I think it has “aged” well, and it’s nice to have a good performance of “Luv” from the post-“Remember” era, if only to remind us how fresh and relevant this masterpiece is, and how young and fresh glorious A Pink remain!

Plus, this performance has over three-quarters of a million views on youtube.  Not bad for a nostalgia stage for a Golden Oldie!


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