“If Americans are fortunate, the God-Emperor Ascendant will be half as good for his people as Putin has been for the Russians.”

 The more foreigners are driven out, the more the secularists and atheists and pagans are forced to accept their second-rate status, the more America will be made great again.

Equalitarianism is neither just nor healthy, and diversity is no more a strength than war is peace or black is white. If it was, the diversity advocates wouldn’t have to repeat it like a retarded mantra in defiance of all history and science.

–writes Vox Day.


Whatever the qualms of some, whatever the naysaying–and in Trump’s case, he has the great difficulty of cobbling together a Cabinet when he has arrived at the office sui generis, so far ahead of any “movement” besides the Alt-Right that he has no choice, unless perhaps he were to make Sessions Secretary of Everything, but to sort through the bargain bins of the Tea Party and the military and find people he can instill with enough backbone to make them help him Make America Great Again– there is no doubt in my mind, and no irony in my voice, when I call Pres. Putin and Pres.-Elect Trump divinely sent heroes to save our civilization.

Trump has fewer luxuries– politically anyway– at his disposal than Putin, and less time, but if he can get us halfway there he will be a greater and less equivocal restitutor orbis than Aurelian or Diocletian.  May he build the Wall, send home the illegal infiltrators, build a multipolar, fair trade world, save us from Zionist war, and thus make America, the West, and the Ice World peaceful, prosperous, and virtuous.



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