Laboum Makes Lunch

Laboum TV packs your fantasy lunch!

Cue?  Cue!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I’ll take the one in the white hat to service all my domestic needs, please…

    1. Haein, eh? Interesting choice. I would’ve guessed Solbin for you but Haein certainly has her charms.

      You might want to check out this GFriend in Europe tv series I’ve been posting. Besides the fandom appeal for me, it’s an interesting cultural artifact, watching these Korean girls for a Korean audience going gaga over blonde babies and Gothic cathedrals. I haven’t finished the 2nd episode yet (of at least 4 thus far), but I need to go back and make some annotations over various moments.

      Their trek, incidentally, is limited to Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia, which suggests they made a determined effort to minimize contact with Die Verse City. (Of course Vienna has its nasty share of that, but for music’s sake I guess they needed it, plus it’s their landing site; but Slovenia and Hungary presumably are still very much White Europe).

      In other news, girl group April has replaced retired member Hyunjoo with a Korean expat girl named Rachel, reportedly from Portland OR.

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