A Pink Special Album “Dear”!

A Pink will indeed be releasing some sort of new, “special” album for Christmas!


I have no understanding whether this is a repackage of Pink Revolution or some sort of Greatest Hits/alternate edits compilation or a Holiday record or an out-and-out Brand New Album (this last is exceptionally unlikely, but who is to say there won’t be at least one or two brand new tracks of monumental musical genius?), but it is worth feeling blessed all the same.  From soompi:

Apink is set to end 2016 with a bang by releasing a special album on December 15!

Plan A Entertainment stated, “Apink will be releasing their first special album on December 15. The album was created as a gift for the fans who have given Apink their unwavering love and support from the very beginning. The members of Apink are putting their all into preparing for the upcoming album despite their busy end-of-the-year schedules.”

The special album comes three months after the group’s third album “PINK REVOLUTION,” which was released in September. Apink embarked on their “PINK AURORA” Asia tour in November, which took them to countries like Singapore and Taiwan.

Apink are busier than ever as 2016 comes to a close with the upcoming release of a Japanese album and their first special album. They will also be having an end-of-the-year concert titled “PINK PARTY: The Secret Invitation,” which will be held in Seoul on December 17 and 18.

Are you excited for Apink’s first special album?



Of course, as things go I didn’t learn about this until just now, thanks to catching soompi’s notice on the first teaser image they released today.  But, better late than never, and now I can anticipate for the next ten days the arrival of a new A Pink masterpiece.

More A Pink for the Trumpenreich and the Pax Putin-Trump.  Just what Jesus ordered!

[UPDATE]: Track list (a mix of rearranged old and some new) has been released:


It’s a bit strange– I thought “Only One” already was an R&B song, so why does it need an R&B remix? and why an instrumental for “April 19th” after all these years?– but we shall look forward to it!  I hope they sell a few tens of thousands of physical copies and help close any gaps from the Pink Revolution department.  Since Pink Revolution has hit about 50,000 physical units moved, I think it’s still a pretty strong showing; perhaps a few holiday appearances will help regain some more traction for A Pink from what has been eroded away by the GFriend hegemon and their other little sister rivals.  A Pink hwaiting!


  1. And a new concert in Korea too:

  2. Meanwhile, concert video of “Pink Summer” tour in Japan!:

  3. An A Pink teaser: you’ll have to turn the volume way up because they WHISPER, but don’t forget to turn the volume back down when you’re done!

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