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December 31st musings, and 2017 Hopes

I finally got back to A Pink’s Pink Summer concert and watched the whole thing: a properly rewarding and emotionally moving experience (plus it’s given me an idea for the Inaugural Ode I need to write).  I put off watching the whole thing far too long! As a chaser, I’m nostalgically checking out the best […]

My Heart Is Heavy for a Music World Without Hyunjoo

Sigh.  Hyunjoo, you were like the Sujeong of April.  That oh-so-clever manner of yours, that uniquely raspy voice.  But you were also the Mijoo, full of mischief–though where Mijoo is directly confrontational, excitedly contradicting her bandmates’ presumed pretentions and anticipating their mischiefs, you were sardonic and sly and insinuating.  Ah, Hyunjoo, I must say, even […]

Choreo of the Year: Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day”

For 2014 I made some big catalog of sixty-plus K-pop girl group hits with Leonard Maltin rankings.  For 2015 I made a lot of drafts for the same but never got around to it– in part, the star ranking system felt like it was breaking down for me. And independent of going back to check, […]

A Pink Brings “Cause You’re My Star” to the stage

for the Gayo Daejun special, which according to commenters got A Pink a spike on the digital charts and trending social media topics. With a No. 2 debut on the Gaon physical albums chart, Pink Pandas are doing good work to ensure that A Pink needn’t write off 2016 as a flop year in their […]

A World of Magic: WJSN’s “I Wish” teaser

I’ve been meaning to add a “classic teasers” page to the blog to commemorate all the magical snippets K-pop girl groups have used to keep us reeling on the edge of bliss with the thought of masterworks shortly to be unveiled, and my favorite new band of 2016, WJSN, has just added one to the […]

“The 2016 Best Performance of ‘Simply K-pop'”

I don’t know if there was a vote on this or what, but the recognition goes to no less than A Pink for “Only One”!: And, unlike most of the “Only One” stages during that weird window when all the Korean tv channels seemed to experiment with their sound compression, this one sounds ‘normal’ too! […]

Hey, Ridley Scott! FUCK YOU!!!

Boy, you were hot shit when your filmography was confined to The Duellists and Alien and Blade Runner, weren’t you?  You probably woke up every morning, looked at yourself in the mirror, and said, “Who’s the next Stanley Kubrick?  Who’s the next David Lean?  YOU ARE!!!” Well, it’s about twenty or thirty piece of shit […]

Seungyeon Took a Great Fall

Wt have Christmas Greetings from A Pink and a Christmas Music Core special we should start posting, but I can’t leave off committing to the archives this Kara “Lupin” performance (even if I can’t remember how I got to it in the first place!) in which poor Seungyeon takes an epic fall on stage:   You […]

2 Years, One Month with “Luv”

This miracle of creation, and the height of girl group bliss, remains as dazzling today as in those heady days when it swept A Pink to the pinnacle of record-breaking trophy-haul triumph:

Laboum, Unfrozen!

Next to Donald Trump’s triumphant nomination and victory in the election, no 2016 phenomenon gives us quite so much joy as the rise of Laboum, as evidenced by this resplendently wintry, shimmery, and snowy stage from Show! Music Core for “Winter Story”: From “Aalow Aalow” to this, Laboum has made a terrific year-long campaign for […]

Stefan Molyneux’s 5 hour Christmas Spectacular

I just discovered this exists, but old Stefan has posted a five hour video for a year end/Christmas special spectacular.   Will I watch/listen to it all?  Who knows.  And I do have GFriend Loves Europe and Laboum Project to catch up on, to say nothing of the A Pink Pink Summer concert I’ve been […]

A Pink’s “Dear” Album Debuts at No. 2 on the Gaon Charts

The “special album” scores a solid Christmas sales hit!  A Pink hwaiting!

Oh My Girl, Behind the Scenes with “A-ing”

Oh My Girl poolside, looking adorable as well as boho-chic, doing a shoot for the “A-ing” album. Jiho gets caught up in one of her sparkly hair flips, Hyojung is a living dream, and goddess JinE is a vision, with pastel nails to match the blossoms in her hair.  Plus, Arin eats a watermelon. Oh […]

에이디이 화이팅

If I were to say there’s a sort of genius in this, obviously I don’t mean ‘genius’ in the way Absolute First Album is genius or Pink Blossom is genius or Day & Night is genius. But there may be a kind of genius here.  Everybody rags on how Sweetune has gone to the dogs […]

A Pink Releases Japanese Album “Pink Doll”

A Pink’s second original Japanese album Pink Doll is released!  

Red Velvet’s “One of these Nights” on Inkigayo, 20160327

The sublimity of Red Velvet’s MV for “One Of These Nights” was so overwhelming, I basically skipped out at the time on all the show performances.  And, I confess, I was at first weirded out a bit by using choreo for the presentation of this ballad. But belated surfing has taught me that Red Velvet […]

“A nation is not a number”

An anon who may or may not be Andrea Ostrov Letania writes over at Derbyshire’s new column: I mean a nation is not a number. Japan is Japan with 100 million Japanese, 70 million Japanese, 50 million Japanese, 25 million Japanese. As long as they are all Japanese, it is Japan. But if we define […]

Next Stop: the Coronation!

Sweater Kitties!

The felines of AOA with their paradigmatic single:   Meow!

“The rich economists I’ve known got rich playing the market players, not the market.”

–says Snideley Whiplash!

Sujeong and the Gang: Lovelyz’ “Destiny” on Show Champion, Ep. 185

Another spacey encounter with luminous Lovelyz, full of brooding emotion adrift in a nebula of enchantment:   With piercing high notes, stars fluttering like moths, and showers of confetti, plus the girlish tender and melancholy babyfaced allure of Sujeong, Jiae’s regal bearing, and Yein’s forelocks in a braid.  There isn’t a “Destiny” stage without high drama, and […]

Jin and the Gang, Almost a Year Ago Today: Lovelyz’ “For You” on Show! Music Core, 20151219

The lavender hearts of Lovelyz, in their refreshing and uplifting Holiday anthem from this time last year: And though Jin’s hair hasn’t grown back yet (that I’ve seen), I’m confident teen queen Yein can still look extraordinary in a beret! Sigh.  What a great band!

“A sure sign of gibberish is when someone who ISN’T a philosophy major starts numbering points for extended argument.”

–observes commenter wreckage over at Vox Popoli where, by virtue of having crossread Vox and Heartiste the other day, I happened to be fortunately positioned to report on the wanderings of commenter “Wild Man”, and wound up with a marquee quote at both of Vox’s blogs. In brief: one “Wild Man” started gumming […]

“Express what others are afraid to express and they will see great power in you. Say what they want to say but cannot.”

Writes Robert Greene on twitter. Words are the quickest way to create emotional disturbance. They can uplift, elevate, stir anger, without referring to anything real. Defensiveness is deadly; act defensive and you’ll bring out defensiveness in other people. Whatever you say or do, keep a glint in your eye to show that you do not […]

A Pink’s “Cause You’re My Star” MV Review

A Pink’s special holiday single launches with an Easter Egg-hued video full of cute thrills: With a sound that makes it an appropriate companion piece to “Only One”, “Cause You’re My Star” doesn’t go for the soaring melodicism that typifies classic A Pink singles but nonetheless weaves a sweetly dulcet spell– with the glaring possible exception […]

I Don’t Pretend to Understand Yujeong’s Ghost Story, But Laboum Returns to “Pops in Seoul”!

Soyeon pecks Yulhee, ZN likes her real name, and Yulhee, far from overcoming her sleeping habit like she promised during her “Profile”, is sleeping more than ever!:   Yujeong seldom sees ghosts, Haein wants a man to buy her lots of dinner, and Solbin, becoming something of a celebrity, is just grateful to be surrounded […]

How the CIA and DHS Aided the Globo-Zionist Pedophile Cabal, and the FBI and Trump Fought Back and Won commenter womb raider spells it out: You guys ready for some TOG level s**t? So check this out. So back in August we started seeing headlines like this:…poll/index.html Quote Poll: Clinton leads Trump in red state Georgia http://www.cbsnews.c…win-in-georgia/ Quote Can Hillary Clinton really win in Georgia? Shortly after the AJC poll was released, […]

Michael Woodley and Stefan Molyneux: Civilization and IQ

And speaking of lovely final frames: Laboum’s “Story of Winter” Inkigayo Comeback

Even though the MV for “Winter Tale” looks like a Bertolucci film, Laboum’s Inkigayo Comeback stage is so pretty it might make the preferable visual experience for this cover/adaptation for the Christmas season: With an exceptionally striking final composition, the phenomenal lighting giving the final starry touch to Laboum’s dramatic staging!

Typifies Kara at their most annoyingly spastic, but–Seungyeon is so cute at the end!

“Step” was the most recent Kara single at the time I discovered Kara, and then it seemed to exemplify what I took to be their completely plastic, spastic aesthetic. From a distance, it’s easier to see that “Step’ merely represented a certain logical conclusion to one stream in their aesthetic, which was then largely abandoned.  […]

2016 T-ara Birthdaygasm: Happy Birthday Eunjung and Qri!

  It is time again for that special day when one-third of supergroup T-ara celebrate their blessed birthdays! Goddess Eunjung turns 28!   Leader Qri turns 30! And, while the whole fracas with China banning K-pop in retaliation for South Korea working on ballistic missile defense unfortunately means that T-ara is barred from promoting in […]

A Pink’s “Luv”, Less than a Year Ago

Last year A Pink returned “Luv” to the stage at Show! Music Core, a year after its skyhigh ride on the charts. I watched this performance when it aired, and back then I was a tad weirded by the Old West tops with leather bottoms costuming– it didn’t altogether scream “Christmas” like all their elegant […]

Hell for “Mach”

Gone but not forgotten, the variegated career of Rainbow, what might have been the other SNSD:  

Laboum Reality: “Laboum Project Ep 01”

Laboum at last have their own proper “reality” show.  Soyeon kills an octopus, Solbin eats worms, Yulhee drills through an ostrich egg, and etc.:   Completely entertaining!

Laboum Frozen

Plus angelic MC Kim Saeron in intro voiceover!

Bona Looks So Hot in her midriff-baring top and beret

Bona and all the lustrous ladies of WJSN on Inkigayo:  

“If Americans are fortunate, the God-Emperor Ascendant will be half as good for his people as Putin has been for the Russians.”

 The more foreigners are driven out, the more the secularists and atheists and pagans are forced to accept their second-rate status, the more America will be made great again. Equalitarianism is neither just nor healthy, and diversity is no more a strength than war is peace or black is white. If it was, the diversity […]

GFriend in Bloom

Roseate schoolgirls in this florally themed Show! Music Core stage:

Laboum Makes Lunch

Laboum TV packs your fantasy lunch! Cue?  Cue!

GFriend Travel Through White Europe!

Five years ago, T-ara made history filming their treks through northern Italy. Today, GFriend goes much further than their Jeju Island expedition of the beginning of the year and now alight upon Vienna for adventures there and in Slovenia and Hungary. Watch the girls bask in picturesque White civilizational splendor, show off their command of […]