Laboum’s “Winter Tale” Comeback Approaches!!

The magic of the Christmas season dawns, as we bask in the triumph of Trump, the reversal of the threatened shadow of darkness and war, and the hope of redemption and healing for our tattered polity in the New Year.

And in Korea too, snow falls, a compromised leadership crumbles, and the lasses of Laboum march on from glory to glory, as we have marked from our perch through out the year.

This time last year, “Aalow Aalow” rang in the holidays.  Then, “Journey to Atlantis” awoke the spring with anthemic splendor.  In late summer, “Shooting Love” energized our hopes.  And now, Laboum returns with “Winter Tale” and the lustrous refinement of the hallowed winter cheer.

Let us pray to be deserving, and warm our spirits in this ocean of resplendence.


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