Arin, Hyojung, Yooa, and Goddess Jiho: Oh My Girl’s “White” MV

One-half of Oh My Girl sets up shop under the Christmas tree to ring in the Yuletide Season with the holiday single “White”:

Arin, as we saw with the “A-ing” video, is becoming quite the mascot in her own right, once again getting to mug the camera through a screen-within-the-screen setup.  But not to worry!  Hyojung, Jiho, and Yooa get to appear on tv too!

[Ed.:  Hey, that was Yooa in the rocking chair who turns the tv on and she appears first; Arin comes in third eating her cupcake.]  –Yeah well, but Arin started it in “A-ing” so I’m giving her the credit, kay?  [Ed.:  rolls eyes]

I saw that, Bob.

Incidentally, K-pop videos seem to love tube tvs, as witness the bank of them used for Solbin’s security camera setup in Laboum’s “Shooting Love.”  Tube television was in fact vastly preferable to the crap we make do with today:  I genuinely fear I’ll never live to see the return of any screen upon which Apocalypse Now will look so glowingly golden, sharp, and alive as it did on my 24inch Toshiba tube.

Anyway, last Christmas we had April’s “Snowman” but today April is in disarray, but thankfully Oh My Girl has emerged as a major force and, although my heart yearns for JinE’s return, let us warm ourselves in the glow of these goddesses’ festive and prayerful greetings!


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