A.DE’s “Good Time”

This is some nugu video I clicked on just for curiosity’s sake.  This happens sometimes and I won’t even remember the name of the band and I can’t find it, so I’ll just put it here in case I get curious to revisit.

I was kinda enjoying it in a very low-budget way until they started turning off the lights so we could enjoy their sneakers glowing in the dark.  Are we three years old people?  I mean, I can see they’re cribbing off of GFriend a lot, from the low-fi ambience of their “Glass Bead” era to the clocks and choreo of “Rough”, and I’m not going to hold that against them since GFriend is basically the premiere girl group in the universe at this point, but since the video began with a tree my first thought was, “Oh, is this going to be like a DIA video?”  I think this would’ve been more fun outside.

But it’s an okay song for some rookies I guess.  Never know, these girls might be my goddesses someday so we might as well memorialize the moment they first crossed my view.

Now, I watched this right after seeing Laboum Soyeon’s “Thank You” collab video right before it, and that video threw me with a shift midway too– but Soyeon being a known and beloved goddess already, we’ll have to talk about that tomorrow . . .


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