“Women make shit up and try and rule by hysteria and here we are today”

–notes Mr.MantraMan in the comments at Vox Popoli, on the WaPo’s The Russians Stole the Election! paranoia.


Like the folks at Murdoch Murdoch, I’d be proud to take Pres. Putin’s money, since until the election of Donald Trump he was the only White man (along with Prime Minister Orban, but Hungary can’t help Americans much– but God bless them for sheltering ramzpaul!) willing to stand up for his White people.  However, I drudge away unpaid for my efforts in eviscerating trolls, investigating the Podestas, and parodying Dune– all the while keeping up a running commentary on the most infectious bops from the land of K-pop.

The Washington Post is the most fake kind of “news” imaginable.  And I genuinely hope these Soros-funded Jew supremacist warmongering Communist agitators “independent experts” whose supposed insights into the “hacking” of American media underpin the Post’s propaganda rot in jail.  They are literal traitors who are conducting a psychological warfare campaign against the American people, in the service of their Satanic Babylonian One-World Government dream.  It is time to imprison or deport!


One comment

  1. Commenter Alexamenos humorously adds:

    “I tried telling them there was a g-damned commie conspiracy. Took them 50 years to listen. Finally someone is going to do something to preserve our precious bodily fluids.”

    Exactly. When Soviet Russians were trying to take over America, it was “ridiculous” and “paranoid” to imagine that their agents were subverting our democracy from within. Jews EVEN TODAY try and defend Alger Hiss and the gawddanged Rosenbergs!

    But once Russia gets a Christian patriot for a leader, suddenly Russia is the ultimate bogeyman waiting under everyone’s bed ready to grab your toes and drag you off to Siberia. “THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!!”

    Jews love Communism, they hate Christianity. They want one world, ruled by them. Anything that stands in the way of this is “evil.” So the USSR got a free pass, and Putin is the Devil according to them.

    Fuck off, Jews.

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