Laboum Tweets 1st Snow of Winter: and hints ~Another~ Laboum 2016 Comeback?!

Happy Yulhee Day cont.!  Yesterday soompi reports:

On November 26, LABOUM was excited to finally see snow for the first time this season, like many in Korea.


They posted pictures of themselves enjoying the snow on their Twitter, along with a message that hinted at a comeback in the near future.

“Wow, the first snow is falling!!!! It feels like a perfect winter now that the snow is falling down. We’re currently preparing to comeback with an amazing song that will make you think of LABOUM when you see the first snow, or winter. (Right now, we’re practicing really hard), so please wait a little while longer,” they wrote.

The group also posted a similar but shorter message on their Instagram that said, “Wow, it’s the first snow everyone. Let’s have a happy winter with LABOUM.”

LABOUM Welcomes First Day Of Snow With Message About Possible Comeback

–Oh, let’s!  Starting from “Aalow Aalow”, their long-awaited 2015 comeback that rang in the last holidays, this would make a fourth single in a year.  Another pop chestnut to celebrate a truly White and Icy Christmas for all the Northern Hemisphere (with the occultist females defeated in Korea and America, TPP abolished, and Putin and Trump leading the world into freedom and prosperity)– what more could we want?

It’s the 28th already in Korea, but we hope Yulhee had a wonderful snowy b-day.  Happy Winter Laboum!  Laboum hwaiting!!


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  1. Back in “What About You?” days:

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