Happy Birthday Yulhee!

Laboum’s baby maknae turns nineteen!


Wake up, sleepyhead!  It’s your birthday!


Babyfaced Yulhee and all Laboum have come a long way in the past two years: from the iconic mechanical dolls melancholy of “What About You?” through last year’s retro “Aalow Aalow” (still in circulation!) to this year’s anthemic “Journey to Atlantis” and the bopping “Shooting Love”.

Plus, adverts!


But most importantly, music!


And of course, funky pigtails!


And so we salute another birthday for teen goddess pop idol Yulhee, and welcome another year (now entering the global Golden Age of the Trumpenreich) for Laboum to expand the ranks of Lattes and storm the charts with fresh classics, with Yulhee always bringing her fresh-faced energy and charm to every new concept she performs.  Happy birthday Yulhee, and God bless you.  Yulhee hwaiting!


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