Welcome to Hell, Fidel!

Finally it has happened: the Left’s brazen totem, their favorite vitalist “sex symbol” has perished.

Castro was not the worst tyrant in human history.  Probably it’s true that, in person and when he wished to make an impression, he was “interesting.”  But so too is Satan– at least in Milton’s portrayal.  Castro was a demagogue and a torturer and a miscreant, who held back his nation for half a century.  Untold numbers of “prominent” people have made themselves his foolish fawning apologists, and doubtless many of them still today will attempt to lionize this vain Marxist popinjay and excuse his crimes.

It is another sigh of the times, that this devilish man should finally be deceased.  I have no idea what the future holds for Cuba– doubtless it is a lovely island, and perhaps its people can make for themselves at last (if the other Castros step aside) some kind of decent future for themselves.  I won’t say I wish them to be thrust into a destructive opposite of Ayn Randian free marketism, because I don’t; nor do I imagine the Miami Cubans will be altogether welcome back on the island if they think they can waltz in and take over.  Let the Cubans reform at their own pace, and let the islanders take the lead in their nation’s affairs (or at least, if the Miami Cubans wish to make Cuba their home now, for better or worse, let them renounce American citizenship, and not perpetuate the awful game of serving two masters).  Life is complicated, but what should not be complicated is that Castro dedicated his life to the wrong cause, and it is right to denounce him for it.  An era passes.  Here, in America, we have a great promise of a more peaceful and patriotic age dawning.  Hopefully Cubans will find one too.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    It’s too bad this didn’t happen 90 years sooner…maybe now we can get decent cigars again lol

  2. Eric · · Reply

    P.S. Maybe Trump should take advantage of this and annex the island. That’s something that should have been done about 90 years ago too.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving days!

      Well, the world conqueror in me would probably agree with the annexation– but the small ‘r’ republican would rather us get out of our Caribbean possessions than become embroiled in more of them.

      Though probably we should send a few million inner city blacks to Puerto Rico while we still have the ‘authority’ to do so. THEN unilaterally decree their independence.

      Maybe the New England Republic will take Prince Edward Island someday . . .

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