NYPD, FBI, Putin, Trump: Drop the Dirt on Hillary & Finish Her Off!

On Election Night, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit were the last to give their returns in their states, and CNN’s coverage kept telling us “Hillary’s camp believes they have the votes.”  Wink wink.  Wonder how many thousands of votes “cast” for Clinton on Election Night in those states were fraudulent to begin with?

Since the election, Camp Clinton’s been running up their supposed popular vote tally with provisional ballots and trunkfuls of illegals in California.  The sinister media has regularly injected this “news” into the crawls, fueling the embittered rage of pro-Hillary cat ladies and paving a “narrative” of Hillary enjoying overwhelming popular support.

The fraudulent polls, which went all-in for Hillary in a desperate attempt to demoralize Trump supporters and fend off the righteous return of sanity on immigration policy, financial corruption, and the Jewish march to nuclear war over Syria, also have served an after-the-Election use for Hillary’s purposes, beguiling naïve tools who get all their information from the Evening 30 Minutes Hate into thinking there was something “unexpected” or “unusual” about Trump’s solid victory.

And then, useful idiot Jill Stein’s recount drive got robo-funded by Soros, to the tune of $160,000 an hour (even while people are sleeping at 3am), so that a “recount” could go forward– without sore loser Hillary’s paws immediately being suspected (again, by the gullible loons who get their infotainment from Wolf Blitzer et. al.)

And now–Hillary wants a “recount”.  Not in New Hampshire, of course, or in Minnesota, but in the three Rust Belt states she would’ve needed to win.

Did Castro die so that Satan might raise Hillary back from the dead?

Well fuck her.  The Judeo-Globalist cabal is pushing the Republic to the brink of civil war, and I will not be a pacifist on the sidelines once the clock passes midnight.  This braindamaged, child molesting loon is not going to steal this country out from under us.  Even if (as I expect) this last ditch move fizzles on its own accord, it is too much too late for any hint of “restraint” in dealing with Hillary Clinton by the harshest measures her crimes allow for.

The nation already has accepted President-Elect Trump.  Neither Obama nor Hillary can stop the FBI or the NYPD from doing what needs to be done– what has to be done– now.  Do not wait for January.  Drop the “bomb”.  Reveal all the Epstein Island tapes.  Arrest the Podestas.  Arrest Bill.  Arrest Hillary.  Let the world see with Eyes Wide Open what horrors have been going on all along.

And please go ahead and arrest Anderson Cooper.  Put an end forever to the 95 IQ minstrel show shuck, jive & wail of these evil media personalities pretending to “feel out pain” when they have all along been willing participants in a vast conspiracy. How dare they pretend not to be in on the plan?  Make them answer before your own cameras for the horors they have wrought and concealed.

The Beast does not want to die peacefully.  Perhaps some misguided souls even expected to allow the Beast quietly to flee our jurisdiction?  No.  A thousand times no.  Expose her, arrest her, try her, hang her.

The Hillary recount is a coup d’état in motion.  If you love America and you love the peace of mankind, stop Hillary now and forever.  Arrest her immediately.


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