Full of Stars: Laboum’s “Shooting Love”

This certainly is not, contra MBCkpop’s billing, the “Comeback Stage” so it must be the Goodbye Stage (and this wouldn’t be the first time lately MBC’s made this mistake), but Laboum is feisty and full of zest as ever in this pumped-up rendention of “Shooting Love”:

And my my, they’ve pushed sake-she Soyeon’s charms with these tight tops this promotion cycle, haven’t they?!  The yellow skirt adds extra visual attention for the Main Vocal, and with the peroxide blonde do and all, I wonder if Soyeon hasn’t suffered a few fits of the blushes through all this.  But soldier on, sweet Soyeon!: 2016 has been Laboum’s year.

Yulhee meanwhile I’m sure hasn’t suffered at all over her red-streaked twintails: “Shooting Love” has given her her most iconic looks since her rapping mechanical doll phase in “What About You?”

[Ed.: Twintails?]

Yes Bob, it’s there in the comments:

Yulhee twintails turn my heart into confetti Ç_Ç Shes so cute GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhh!!!~

Yes, I know, it’s a neologism for me too.  Especially since I didn’t think you could have one pigtail, but that’s how someone bills ZN.  Also:

yulhee is the one with 2 pigtails

solbin IS brighting me

Yujeong looks amazing in blue! ^^ I mean blue color, not blue mood (which never happens wit her)… 😉

Haein my little, beautiful Lady ❤

soyeon`s hair fits (y).





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