White Friday

A fortuitous discovery on TCM of the young Michael Caine playing Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File taught me that I have a more apt role model for my own supersleuth derring-do (or at least the insubordination and cynical one-liner business) than Timothy Dalton in The Living DaylightsFuneral in Berlin is perhaps even better– helmed by frequent Bond director Guy Hamilton with a few flashes of camp but generally with restraint, good mise en scene and some quite good thrills.  I had figured this would be the extent of the fun, being under the impression that the third and last of the Sixties run of Harry Palmer thrillers was less well-thought of than the first two, but it turns out the final entry, Billion Dollar Brain, was helmed by no less an awesome name than Ken Russell– so for better or worse, it’s bound to be interesting (and visually arresting).

But, being of an age slightly more advanced than young Harry’s, and it being the Thanksgiving season, I may even have to revisit Hannah and Her Sisters this holiday.  Perhaps it’s too pat for its own good (to say nothing of too Judeo-nihilistic with its Catholic-bashing and cutesy Marx-Brothers-saved-me-from-suicide schtick:  whatever happened to Cezanne and the second movement of the Jupiter Symphony?) but Michael Caine and Babs Hershey made for an arresting couple, and with the chapter-heading intertitles, the Bach, the changing of the seasons, it’s like an arresting novel on screen.

Then again, I may watch Ingmar Bergman this weekend for all we know.  Or Whit Stillman.  [Note to self: started Oedipus at Colonus in the new translation today]

In the meantime, let us pay happy tribute to the ongoing thrills of K-pop almost a year ago:


Because the fan-chants are loud and the love for Lovelyz is real!

Sigh.  And Jin’s eyes in the shot that begins at 2:58 . . . the wide flash of her eyes at 3:00 . . . the soulful blink at 3:01 . . . .

And in the present day, the spacey dolls of WJSN:


With Miss Sunshine XuanYi beaming at 0:14!  And Yeoreum sporting a pretty pink ribbon in her hair.  Because ART!

God Bless President-Elect Trump, for whom I am thankful!



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