Idiot Jews Gonna Idiot Jew

A fly-by-night JIDF troll (and we’ll be spamming any more such) writes this idiocy, while I’ll briefly dissect since it’s rather funny in an unintentional way:

Okay, it’s nice and all that you think Jews should stay out of your business.

–Doesn’t sound like she thinks it’s “nice and all.”  Sounds pretty hostile actually– as if there were something unnatural about a People wanting other Peoples not to meddle in their affairs or share their society.  Hence, the ethnostate of Israel, to name one example.

I suppose without Albert Einstein’s decades ahead type of thinking we might not have the atomic bomb.

–lozlzolz “[D]ecades ahead type of thinking.”  Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have one of those Ivy League Physics Professor Jews on our hands!

–“We might not have the atom bomb”.  Hmm, and the Soviets might not have had it either.  You know, evil White Aryans in Nazi Germany developed the rockets that took man to the moon.  Granted, it hasn’t amounted to all that much so far, but I think it’s a more benign form of recreation than stockpiling weapons that could destroy the human race.  So if nuclear Armageddon breaks out, we’ll know what race to thank, Jews!


And then the second world war would have been that much bloodier, with more chance of the Russians attacking us decades later in a bloody war, not a cold one. I guess living under communism is what you really want.

–Apparently living under “communism” is what Jews want, considering they invented it, overthrew the Tsar, promoted it worldwide, bitched when they were exposed over their treasonous activities in the United States, and even today in Israel practice a lot of socialistic economic policies.  If we didn’t have Jews in America, we’d likely be living in a world amenable to Calvin Coolidge.  Thanks again, Jews!
Or how about some other inventions, like computer chips invented and produced by israeli scientists.

–lozlzozlzolz  Does this idiot believe his own illiterate propaganda?  Was he dropping acid while listening to that Adam Sandler hannukah anthem?

If israel kept that to itself so as to not meddle in American affairs then they’d be more technologically advanced by most of the world.

–Awkward and ungrammatical sentence.  Should read “not to meddle” and “than most of the world”.  The author’s point is moot, since he obviously believes Jews are a master race and thus boss everywhere.  Jewish predominance in Hollywood and on Wall Street subjects Americans to a myriad of ills for which the microchip (which Jews did not invent) would hardly compensate.  And even if Jews did make some master invention, it is hardly as if Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Englishmen, and White Americans cannot adapt it (as of course Jews are only too happy to adopt– when they haven’t outright stolen– the inventions of Whites and others).  I can only blame this sort of preciosity upon the Kabbalistic nonsense which deludes Jews into thinking the more crazy-ass their discourse, the more “smart” it is and that by indulging in contradictions and mystical mumbo they can make their (delusional) thinking somehow “invisible” to supposedly lesser minds.

But long story short: again, we’re dealing with some 112 IQ Jew who doesn’t Science.

No Iron Dome technology for the US either. And assuming nonintervention is a two way street, israel would control the Arabian Peninsula due to the results of one of their earliest wars.

First of all, Iron Dome, which is a short-range defense against incoming mortar and rocket rounds, is hardly useful for American defense.  It’s not an anti-ballistic missile system.  Second of all, the United States does not have Iron Dome, because Israel doesn’t share it with us.  Which of course wouldn’t be a biggie, expect for:  third of all, the United States has paid Israel hundreds of millions of dollars to fund development of Iron Dome.

Oh, and since when did the Sinai Peninsula become the Arabian peninsula, Magellan?  Because Israeli armies never took Mecca, dumbass.  I guess Jews don’t geography either?
Now I don’t mind calling out the left for their extremism, but I believe that every human has the potential to become great.

–How quaint.  And stupid.  Also, you made it sound like White people are too dumb to Microchip.

I don’t care about your background if you ultimately help further capitalistic and sociopolitical growth.

–Let’s get this straight Ayn Rand.  “Capitalistic” growth is a dead letter unless and until White nations are White nations again.  Better a poor meal in quiet in a homogeneous land than Chinese buffet with Amy Schumer’s fat ass plastered all over the landscape.

And “sociopolitical growth”?  Trans.:  a k!ke dick in my wife’s ass, a n!gger dick in my daughter’s ass.  Fuck your tikkun olam “sociopolitical growth”!

So before you condemn an entire race for being kinky, think about what these people have and can contribute to American society

–You’re not denying they’re kinky.  And oh boy, I have thought about what they “have” and might contribute– and found it disgustingly wanting.
As a conservative Jew I am disturbed that people like you exist and judge people based on their backgrounds rather than their achievements.

–You’re not “conservative”, no matter how much you may uphold Jewish traditions.  Your definition of conservatism is globalist and Judeo-race supremacist.

Jews, more than anybody, need to get out of the dull-witted habit of introducing their opinions with the “as a . . .” formula.  Who gives a shit what you are?  You’ve just insisted you don’t care about people’s backgrounds.  By your own standard, you should provide an actual argument instead of narcissistic pontificating.  And in Israel, backgrounds sure as hell matter.  Why, you yourself foreground your own racial and credal self-definition in attempting to underline the supposed sincerity and plausibility of your silly little recitation of trite nostrums.

And nobody gives a fuck how “disturbed” you get about it.  I don’t fail to notice, too, that you are disturbed not only by my judgments but by my very existence– when in fact, I have controversially already allowed the Jews the right to their own ethnostate in Israel, in spite of their racist oppression of their neighbors, in spite of the seizure of territory relinquished millennia ago by people who (at least on the Ashkenazi side of the family) have about as much claim to Tuscany as to Palestine, and in spite of their apparently inexhaustible appetite for war and mayhem, evidenced by your own obvious lust to expand your borders by wars of aggression, to say nothing of the paranoid and genocidal activities by the likes of Victoria Nuland and Anne Applebaum.

Again, your achievement is obviously very lackluster:  you are ill-read, unlettered and untrained, and perform a poor service for your people.  You should seriously take it to heart that persons of your obvious limited mental faculties and lack of command in the art of rhetoric should simply recuse yourselves from internet cheerleading for the Jewish people.  You are no Woody Allen.  You are no Martin van Creveld.  Even many of the “best case scenario” Jews worldwide have given the rest of us plenty of room to pause about the exact nature of their intentions or the true worth of their achievements.  Regardless, open opposition to Jewish capital, Jewish media, and the asinine Jewish propensity to ubiquitous shoehorning themselves into everybody’s country, everybody’s bank, and everybody’s daughter, is upon you, and the fault is your own.  Israel for the Jews,– but nothing else.  We can, and will, cheerfully forget you:  and for your own sanity, you should welcome the opportunity to do the same.


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