The Weirdness of John Roberts

Lawrence Auster’s eerie words on Roberts after the 2009 Inaugural:

Correspondent Sam H. wrote:

Good stuff.

You write:

“I wonder if Roberts has a neurological disorder or is on drugs or something,”

Remember this? This was in 2007, the second time he, supposedly a healthy man, suffered a so-called “benign, idiopathic seizure

I always suspected that, to satisfy his burning ambition to rise to the Supreme Court, and having instilled the lessons of the Bork episode, he had devoted himself to being the ultimate stealth nominee, but as a result adopted an overly conciliatory, evasive demeanor, perhaps at the cost of his integrity. One of my mentors remarked that he “didn’t like the way Roberts looked out of his eyes” at his confirmation hearings.

And Auster interpolated:

That’s a very interesting analysis. When I first saw Roberts, at the time his nomination was announced, I also thought his eyes were strange, in a way I can’t describe. But it made me feel he was not real, not all there, not someone I would trust.

–Something to keep in the back of the mind, as Pizzagate unfolds.



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