Delusional Jewish Bitch

Delusional and dumb Louise Mensch tweets: “#JewsArePeople and they are the sexiest people too”

Jews are the most sex-obsessed people (and the kinkier the better, as far as they are concerned), but they are physically and spiritually about the least sexy beings imaginable.

The solipsistic conceit and racist bigotry of Jews is mindscrambling.  And they never never learn.  As the world grows justly more pissed with them, they just dig in deeper and become more intolerable.

There is, at most, one place proper to them.  It is the human right of all non-Jewish people to live in homelands free of the presence, the influence, the very sight, of unapologetic Jew-supremacist Jews.  It is Jewish supremacy which is The Real Racism, and the real threat to global prosperity and peace.

The Jews need to be sent home, where they can be out of sight and out of mind.  And if they ever grow any sense, they’ll cease to fret themselves over what we are doing– because what we do is none of their goddamned meddling business.


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