Cail Corishev on Angry SJWs

From the comments at Vox Popoli:

It just occurred to me: these people don’t understand anger. They get peevish, spiteful, bitchy, hateful, and violent, but they don’t really do cold, implacable, anger. Their version flips on and off on impulse, maybe many times a day, so while they can’t control it, they think of it as something that passes if you wait a little while. They don’t understand the kind that takes a long time and good reasons to settle in, but once it does, it’s there, and it doesn’t just go away because someone says “Just kiddin’!”

Considering Hillary would’ve initiated a Zionist jihad against Russia and a Bolshevik tyranny at home, it’s damned well and good to keep pressing the good fight against these overly emotional and profoundly superficial twats.  They get peevish, they even get violent– but they think there are no consequences to be feared, least of all from us.



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