Pizza Pizza: scenes from the Podesta Suspected DC Pedophile Ring of Hell



jimmycomet-obamajimmycomet-human-traffickingcomet pizza kill room.png



coffin kill room.png





[UPDATE 11/26/2016] Hat-tip to BGKB:

[UPDATE 12/05/2016]  From dcpizzagate:

 Very weird times, my friends. Supposedly a shooter walks into Comet Pizza with ‘an assault rifle’. He does not shoot. He is apprehended by police, who have shut down a very large portion of the surrounding area. First reports come in and not even ten minutes later, Washington Post has an article up on it. A street camera which yesterday was pointing in general direction of Comet is now 50% obscured by a post. That means no overhead footage exists of the incident (to my knowledge). They do not release name of the supposed gunman. Instantly the biggest DNC shills, Jake Tapper etc. begin tweeting about the “dangerous consequences” of “fake news” ”. About an hour later, a verified account of some unknown-to-me Guardian/Huffington Post/Vice journalist by the name of @karengeier on Twitter posts begging WordPress to take down MY BLOG because “this is where a lot of them are getting information from” and “why have something even Reddit didn’t want”. CENSORSHIP ALERT, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Folks, please ask yourselves this – if #PizzaGate were not real, would they have needed to delete 4chan threads and subreddits and now attempt to delete A PERSONAL BLOG to hide something that is so obviously fake, in their opinion? [. . .]


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