Make America Great Again: Vote Trump

It’s not just about “greatness”–more importantly, it’s about goodness.

Yes, there’s the hope of prosperity instead of poverty.  But we have dug ourselves so deeply inside a hole of fiat debt there may be no answer, at least over the next four or eight years.  Powerful forces may well be ready to “demolish” the awesome credit bubble they’ve created.  Perhaps they can be punished for their crimes, but even if so, it may be too late to save ourselves from a long grueling age of penury.  But at least with Trump there’s hope.  With Hillary there will be no more middle class– least of all a White middle class.

Yes, it’s about strength instead of weakness.  It’s about smart diplomacy and building an effective military and not wasting it on unjust and frivolous wars for the benefit of foreign and innately hostile entities.  But already America’s strength is greatly eroded and overextended.  Still, with Trump there’s a shot at healing some of these wounds.  With Hillary, there will be an apocalyptic bloodbath– war with Russia, the Satanic wet dream of racist global oligarch Jews.

America’s “lone world superpower” days are over– assuming they ever really existed.  But a multipolar world is more just, more reasonable, and more plausible.  With President Trump and President Putin, the great powers can coexist and interact amicably, respecting each other’s spheres of influence and halting the invasive flow of so-called “refugees” and “migrants”, the violent and subnormal shock troops of racist Jewry’s plot to inaugurate a deracinated, dumbed-down slave herd of chattel.

With President Trump we will have a leader we can be proud of.  We all will be free to speak more openly, work more profitably, worship more proudly.  We won’t have to scrape and bow before false idols of “diversity” or spurious “tolerance”.  We will uphold the distinction between citizen and foreigner, not to “dehumanize” other peoples but to uphold the identity and integrity of our own, and the political system appropriate to a people of Anglo-Germanic heritage.

Trump’s America will be exuberant but purposeful.  It won’t ignore our tremendous problems.  It also will not sell out the claims of justice, internally or externally.  We will not go looking abroad for dragons to slay, but we will not nurse them in our own bosom.

A banana republic is one where criminal politicians cannot be imprisoned for their crimes.  Incontrovertible evidence of misconduct proves Hillary Clinton, if by any other name, would be stripped of security clearance and ineligible for high office–period.  And very likely sitting in jail.

Today, a staggering weight of testimony and circumstance hints at Hillary’s personal involvement in high crimes and treason, not only with regard to the trading of favors, money, and secrets, but to participation in gross inhuman acts of perversion and diabolic worship.  As the months-old testimony of “Deep Throat” whistleblowers on various internet forums leads to connected dots, we see the terrifying outline of a network of crime so heinous that its very exposure will constitute not only a “constitutional crisis” in America but a cultureshock throughout the entire world– one that will falsify forever modernity’s entire self-image of supposed rational “Enlightenment.”  Even now, the Devil prowls like a wolf, looking for souls to devour.

Even without these concerns, it is evident that Hillary is inept, unhealthy, and massively unpleasant.  Her campaign– such as it is– has revolved around the most tired leftist cliches about “renewable energy” and identity politics.  Her public record as Secretary of State is disastrous– Libya destroyed,  our Ambassador slaughtered, weapons laundered to ISIS.  About all these damning realities she has only stonewalled and lied.

With President Trump, he have a Last Chance to hit the Reset Button.  This is it.  Without him, there will be no White America– and ultimately no “gibs” left for any of the hostile identity groups that depend upon the largesse of White productivity.  Without Trump, America will become– at best— an extension of backward, unequal, violent Central and South America.  Worse, there is the prospect, already too close to a certainty, of civil and global war– war which must ultimately result in the triumph of Truth, but at the price of Biblical, if not Apocalyptic, suffering: millions upon millions slaughtered, starved, and enslaved across our very land.

All of that can be avoided, today, with ease and security.  Vote for Donald Trump. He’s about the triumph of truth over lies, of faith over despair, of hope over doom.  We can regain beauty in our land.  We can laugh again.  We can expose all the secret horrors inflicted by false leaders over the course of this past quarter-century and more of crimes and chimaeras and mysteries.  We can be good neighbors with the world, and maintain good fences.  We can save Europe from ethnic cleansing, we can put Muslims back in Muslim lands where they belong– where they can live as they choose, without undue interference from us, but on condition of them leaving us, our faith, and our race, alone.  We can tell media, bankster, warmongering Jews to shove it.  We can live our lives in peace and liberty, and look to God, our families, and the beauty of our land with satisfied pride.

Without Donald Trump, this moment is lost, and the next regime will redouble the forcible movement of perversion, immivasion, credit rape, and the abnegation of our Bill of Rights.  This is certain.  And it is certain, too, that there will be global war: a war we cannot, and should not, win, because it is utterly unjust, completely against our interests, and waged against nations currently more genuinely peaceful and noble of purpose than our own.  God save us.

Yes, God wants to save us–in spite of our myriad, sometimes unprecedented, provocations against providence.  Donald Trump, as those who have followed these events closely do understand, is a miraculous lifeline.  Vote for Donald Trump.  Everything– your life, your children’s lives– depends on this.


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