Last Weekend’s Dal Shabet

Addicting viewings of The Cinema Snob have cut into my K-pop time this past week, so that apart from A Pink’s “Only One” and WJSN’s “Secret” plus some old Rainbow (curiously, I was kinda minimarathoning a lot of Rainbow before the disbandment announcement) I haven’t been keeping up with my other artists on a religious daily basis.  But this Dal Shabet performance from last week’s Show! Music Core deserves a notice, thanks to the girls’ sexy clubbing outfits, including Ah Young in some shiny bottoms, Subin in a leather skirt, and Woohee decking her boobs in a top that decrees, ahem, “Anti-high”:

Well what does that mean?  I should hope Woohee is anti-“high” but then, maybe it’s anti-high school.  Or an ironic statement about being against elevation?  Is Woohee supposed to be anti–high on life or something?  So perhaps it’s “in character” for the song’s talk of spending the weekend “secretly” clubbing?**  Hmm.  You know, I waffle on the question of how much MarxCult this song’s lyrics have imbibed, but while my apologetics incline to suggest it’s trying to be flirty in a melancholy sort of way you could also suggest there’s something just the tiniest bit hard-bitten about it all.

But– while it really is the weakest of Dal Shabet singles it can sound fun if you don’t let the ear make too many demands upon it and I’m sure the girls think nothing untoward (drinking and dancing are implicitly sad activities), so let us assume that Woohee means she’s pro-poetry and romance and Donald Trump.  And as for Ah Young, have you ever seen hair shine so prettily?  And as for Subin, have you ever seen a record producer so lithe and willowy?  And as for Serri–

[Ed.: Yes, as for Serri?]

As for Serri, I dug her skirt but now I’ll have to watch this performance again before I have something more articulate to say but right now I need to wrap this one up because I have got to drink some coffee and speaking of “Fri. Sat. Sun.” WHEN IS THE FBI GONNA HURRY UP AND ARREST HILLARYALREADY?!?!?!?!

** Yes, “secretly” clubbing!  That’s what makes it so aegyo and refutes the MarxCult!

One comment

  1. In the comments some guy writes: “Woohee is anti-high. That’s all the reason I need to never get high.”


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