Indict the bitch!

Needless to say, we are painfully anxious to consummate the Trumpening and, by the carrying of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and possibly New Hampshire and even New York, to prove at last the more-than-Reagan Revolutionary desire of the people for change, manliness, and a closed border.

Lord knows, it’s theoretically possible some idiot manboobs out there would, in the event Hillary is dragged away in chains, vote for the disgusting, unaccomplished, and pedofaced Tim Kaine– so there is that argument to be made for keeping Hillary out of jail long enough to lose the election.

But surely the public, whose will for Trump has always been understated by the highly tendentious polls, would wish all the more to punish the Demoncrats for their role in abetting the Clintons’ crimes.  Surely they must want a President who can clean the stables and punish the cartel elements inside our conspiratorial entrenched ruling class.

And if the crimes in evidence are bad enough, there’s a moral duty to arrest the bitch now.  So let slip the dogs of leaked email havoc!  Punish, punish, punish Hillary, now and when President Trump takes office!


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