Trump T-ara: On Nov. 9th, I Will Awaken to an America Made Great Again, and T-ara Made “Again 1977” Again

The new T-ara record (a new full album, do we hear this correct?) will debut– or at least the Comeback Showcase will– on November 9th, featuring new single “TIAMO”:


Can this be: T-ara and the United States of America both returning to their glorious roots at the exact same freaking point in human history?!?

I referenced Again 1977 in the title both because it plays to MAGA and also because I’ll be more than “content” with just a T-ara minialbum as great as the Again 1977 cycle was.  In the photo above, 30 year old Boram and almost-30 Qri look amazing (Qri curiously resembling Rainbow’s Noeul in the face and Yoonhye in the haircolor).  Of course, they both do soon need to get married and put Yellow buns in their ovens, but– one last glorious romp on disco Mount Parnassus before it’s over won’t hurt, will it?

OMG just conceive of the glory!  The Lord has so fashioned things that we shall fall into the lap of an awesome rebirth, the confluence of Life and Song, a spinning gyre shuddering back towards Bethlehem, a–

[Ed.  But what if Trump were to lose?]

Well if Trump were to “””lose””” then at least I get to hear one more T-ara album before the whole g**d–ned world explodes.  Or, to put a slightly happier spin on it, I’ll have more than just “Sexy Love” and “Sugar Free” to keep on heavy rotation while the boys and I are doing the “Waste Management” work of rebuilding out of the apocalypse–taking out the trash that never should’ve been allowed onto the streets, you see.

But Trump is going to win.  We Love Him.  And T-ara must love him too!  Hwaiting!!

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