Lucius Somesuch’s Dreams

Thursday: Fox Channel’s S. E. Cupp murders Red Velvet’s Wendy.  This was a very eerie and disturbing dream I still remember well, but I don’t want to recount it right now.

Today: Trump is poisoned in a movie auditorium, with Hillary’s black medical handler showing up to “assist” him.  I rush to get Don Jr. but his face is a one-eyed death mask of sorts and he insists everything is okay.

Later: another movie theatre, but this time I’m trying to protect Hitler’s love-daughter by Eva Braun.  [NB:  No haters, Trump does not equal Hitler.  But neither would I ever throw Hitler’s daughter to the wolves, unlike say Anne fucking Frank, the Lena Dunham of 1943.]  She spills a bunch of birthday candy and I’m scrounging to grab it all up, fearful that an unknown assassin is going to swap poison with it.

I had been up, last night, watching the Cinema Snob’s takedowns on horror movies (wait, this was already the second night of doing this, the first including The Exorcist II and The House by the Cemetery, last night including Halloween 4 and Lucio Fulci’s The New York Ripper; tonight meanwhile I’ve been watching the Friday the 13th first two entries after Halloween V).  So perhaps that had something to do with it.  Is there a full moon as well?  But most of all-LET’S GET TRUMP ELECTED, AND GODDAMN TO HELL THE AMERICAN ‘MAINSTREAM’ MEDIA!!!

Listen to this fakeass shit about “voter fraudster arrested– a woman who tried to vote twice for Trump!” N*gg* please, it is your godd–n Democrats and their busloads of Teamsters and their endless feckless darkies and brownies who rip off our elections to the tune of hundreds of thousands, even millions of votes–I haven’t forgot the horror stories from 2012!– and all the deep analytics show Trump has the votes for a landslide.  So let’s make Camille Paglia’s predictions come true: destroy the GOP ‘establishment’, destroy the corrupt Democrats, destroy the media, and elevate Donald Trump to the White House and end this national nightmare of lies, wars, conspiracies, and dumbass “migrants” and “refugees” barbarizing our land.  Make America White Again!


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