Hillary is/lam/isis/ is untrustworthy/issues/is a lying criminal/israel

At Vox Popoli, commenter Natalie reports something she saw on twitter about “google dumping Hillary”.  I just tried it out on bing, with the likemindedly negative results reported in my title.

For Trump, for comparison’s case, we get:

Trump is elected 


Trump is racist

[Actually unfair, but of course I’m a racist myself so I’ve got no problem with that!]

Trump is an idiot

Trump issues

Trump is winning

Trump is right

Trump Israel

Trump Isis

–You’ve got a few neutral policy-inquiry autocompletes (issues, Israel, Isis), the “idiot” and “racist” negatives– but with “racist” it could be voters trying to find out if Trump “is” a “racist”– and then these startling examples of what looks almost like predictive programming: is right, is winning, is elected.

Whether this is an example of bing and google letting their thumbs off the algorithmic scale or just a burst of popular Trumpism so strong that it broke the bounds of whatever manipulation they could inflict to keep it down, it looks more and more as if the world of the internet (as opposed, say, to that of the landline which pollsters are still using) is displaying the makings of a mighty Trump victory.

Never mind the egregious oversampling of Democrats the pollsters are using to begin with.

But again, my great anxiety is finally to see this through, to have my vote fairly counted, to have the machine fraudsters flayed to death, and to see Cuck Ryan, the banksters, and the warmonger Jews finally shoved to the curb as America makes itself a new “elite”, a new “Establishment”, and shatters forever the sick death wish with mestizo immigration, black crime and retardation, global “free” trade, and Zionist WWIII imperialism against Christian Russia.  May the entire godless Judeo-cabal be destroyed, and its false positions of authority reclaimed by prudential, sound, and creative native Christian White patriots!  Damn Roth and Bellow, and damn Kagan and Ginsburg.  And if Hillary committed murder and/or high treason, put the bitch before a firing squad!



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