Jaekyung and the Pussycats: No wait, Rainbow just disbanded

Rainbow just disbanded.  Their contracts having expired, the girls have decided to go their own way.


Well– not being up to this latest information, I’ll just carry on and go with this energetic “Whoo” I was starting the morning with:


Sigh.  I was going to say high-energy things about it, but I guess we should just move on to the “Pretend” we got out of this set too:


Sob.  Seungah, Yoonhye, will we ever meet again?!  I–I love you.





  1. The glory of “Innocent” era Rainbow!

  2. The audio is flawed, but this brooding stage (punctuated at one point by a memorably chthonic wolf cry by a member of the audience) is full of chic majesty:

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