Weiner Leaks! Dicktober Surprise! May the bitch be destroyed!

Whole e poop.  “TMI” omgz!!

The mysterious reopening of the FBI investigation.  Hillary’s panic.  Assange says his next wikileak will get Hillary arrested?

And the facebook traffic analytics that showed Trump winning a landslide?  And now the AI program that concurs– and all this before the FBI announcement?

Oh dear Lord how I wish it soon will all be over, and Trump our triumphant new President!  How the mainstream media must eat crowshit for their manipulated false polls.  How the cuckservatives must grovel before the fearless new leader.  How the “early voter” Hillary banshees must regret their votes cast for a lying, brain-damaged, mass murdering whore of Satan.  And that our godly Trump votes be fairly and clearly counted!  May the vote-riggers die in flames!  May our earth be purged of Soros and his dynasty!  And may we regain, not only control of our borders and a White supermajority, but fair and unbiased voting, polling, and a rational, Christian media!

Dear God, let it Trump, let it Trump, let it Trump!  And may this Angela Lansbery antichrist bitch die of a stroke or go straight to jail!


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