Blacks & Browns & Butt-shakin’ Filipinas: comments at Vox Popoli

Legendary commenter Big Gay Steve stopped by a while back, but it was the weekend I had the big migraine, followed by a few weekdays of bangbang roof repairs outside, so I impolitely let the moment slip without a hale greeting in return.  So let us take another welcome dip in BGS/KB’s output at Vox Popoli, this one in a pretty serious humor.  Vox’s OP concerns another one of those “twelve year-old” rapefugees who turned out to be, oops, ten or twelve years older, as well as somewhat less than mindful of his manners.  BGS notes:

Blacks & Browns think that there is no limit [to] what whitey can/should hand out, liberals think cowardly moslems will fight well armed white Christians instead of looking for easier prey like gay bar bathrooms. There are some doing it specifically to destroy STR8 white privilege because they don’t know IQ being genetic is white privilege. Its also easier to check off the box that says approved than actually doing any work to not approve, if the system involved work to approve lazy affirmative action workers would approve less than KKK members.

I think BGS expressed that defining element of the People of Crap cargo cult mentality with vivid conciseness:  they think we can hand it out, and they think we should–forever.  It correlates with something I’d been thinking about this weekend, which is that Affirmative Action monkeys, up to and including Obama and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, apparently believe in perfect seriousness that Running Things consists of kicking up your heels around a big conference table and shooting the breeze while gorging on pizza.  Easy peezie!:  Whitey dun gaut it maid, yo, but we can do dat two– we wuz kangz n sheet!

As it happens, of course, we neither can nor should pay out forever– and we won’t.

Of course, the female mentality and the voting that goes with it is giving me fresh headaches this season, as the Trumpslide has not yet become fully in evidence.  We are not in despair here– and we know the endless bounty of the enemy’s bullshit– but if Trump should be denied his prize (which carries with it the promise of nothing less than World  Peace In Our Time, as opposed to the global conflagration Hitllary is likely to produce), though we shall not despair of our Heavenly Hopes nor of our trying duty to save us from the fire, we must redouble our determination to overthrow the Women’s Vote once and for all.  Ladies, have a Coke, and a smile, and Vote Trump and then make me a damn sandwich.

Meanwhile, in the same thread notorious Filipino interloper buwaya puti is still at it, and probably getting on Vox Day’s last nerve, judging from the OP the other day that expressly called him out on his ingratitude to America and his unrepentant us vs. “them” (“them” of course meaning US) mentality.

To be honest, as this sort of commenter goes, I’m capable of holding my nose with buwaya up to a point.  I recently peeked in at Althouse and found the comments there surprisingly readable, considering that whole paranoid jihad she went on back in the winter of 2010-11, purging some of her most beloved regulars.  Buwaya’s over there, and fighting some battles on solidly conservative ground.  But he really Really REALLY wants all us gringos to mix it up with some Filipina mailorder brides.  What’s more, he seems to think it makes a yuge difference that his people are the ones (supposedly) offering themselves up.  It’s a strange, even unsettling, twist on the rapefugee invasion, like a masochistic inversion of Arab and African rapemonkey sadism.  Predictably enough, his ethnomasochism has its edge of topping from below: by his account, we need to take up the offer of all his women coming over here and breeding with us or else.  And, as his comments in this thread indicate, he also apparently considers himself a successful Lothario abroad, so perhaps it’s just some sort of sexual swap he has in mind.  Nagging conscience?  Nah, probably just a survival strategy for his people, the purported “Negroes of Asia” (as BGS also points out, a lot of Asians mysteriously have that “White Privilege” thing going, but Filipinos not so much).  Where could buwaya have got the idea?  It’s damn near Jewish in its way.  Although one must admit the thought of being wedded off to a butt-shaking Filipina is surely less bitter than being married to a (((shrew))).

[Ed.:  Where’s my damn butt-shakin’ Filipina already?!  UPS man’s suppose to have ’em off by 6 o’clock on Friday!]

–Hey Bob, you’ll have to take it up with your dealer! Duterte might’ve rerouted them to China.  Though I’d imagine the Chinese would start with taking their own back first and then draw the line.  Privilege does require some standards!



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